News: Drumming & The Indy 500.

Driving, Drumming & Winning.

featuring Indy 500 Champion Will Power, Cole Marcus and Jimmy Chamberlin

Professional race car driver and part-time drummer Will Power and Cole Marcus, one of the most talented young drummers on the scene today and an IndyCar racing enthusiast, have been following each other’s careers since Cole was 9 years old. When Will won the world-famous Indianapolis 500 in 2018, Cole had a conversation with him that quickly got around to drumming and Drum Channel.

Now, in this special, 3-part series on Drum Channel, Will, Cole and Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins), who was also a race car driver, share racing and drumming stories, talk about how drumming and racing have so much in common and explore they ways that learning to play an instrument can have a positive impact no matter what you do in life.


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