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2-3-4-Way Time Function Coordination

Save $20 when you purchase Ralph’s three courses on time function coordination together with this Artist Track.  Ralph Humphrey will break things way down and start out by showing you how to coordinate each limb with the others.  This is necessary for comfort and a strong time feel.  From there you will build all the way up to 4-way coordination playing various patterns and beats while maintaining a good feel and sound on the drum set.


3 Courses · 45 Lessons · 15 hours 37 minutes


Ralph Humphrey

Ralph is one of the most sought after studio musician and educators in the world. As an educator, he is the Drum Department Chair at the Los Angeles College of Music. Ralph also conducts clinics and master classes, including, most recently, at the 2015 PASIC convention. He is the author of the drum book Even in the Odds and contributes occasional articles to Modern Drummer Magazine. His earlier work with the Don Ellis big band and Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, among others, has given him the knowledge and expertise to speak, teach and write on the subject of rhythm and its application in modern drumming. Ralph maintains a very active career in the recording industry, playing for a variety of motion picture and TV and record projects. Most recent productions include the hit show Americian Idol and many more.

Artist Track Contents

  • Beginner 18 Lessons 5 hr 38 min

  • $2900

Two-Way Time Function Coordination

There are many great books available with exercises for the drum set using your hands and feet. This course will prepare you to easily play those books as we teach you how to play combinations of hands and feet in a way that will enhance your time function and coordination. This fundamental semester starts very simply, even if you have played for years, do not over estimate the importance of revisiting these basics. Just playing a simple beat, and playing it with a great feel, is the difference that often defines a drummer’s success.

  • $2900

    18 Lessons 5 hr 38 min

  • Intermediate 18 Lessons 6 hr 48 min

  • $3900

Three-Way Time Function Coordination

While you may be learning to play Rock patterns and Jazz or Latin and other Master Classes or lessons it is important that you systematically study your time function coordination. These are systematic exercises and while they are preparing you for the future, they can also be used in patterns and fills as you progress. The body motions learned in the Hands class are utilized in breaking down the 3-way time function coordination exercises.

  • $3900

    18 Lessons 6 hr 48 min

  • Advanced 9 Lessons 3 hr 11 min

  • $5900

Four-Way Time Function Coordination

These 4-way coordination exercises will open the door to future advanced patterns and make them easy to play. Learning to lead with both hands will give you amazing freedom in playing patterns. As noted in the fundamental lessons, you can go through these exercises first with just your natural lead hand, and for extra practice go through the lessons with your alternate lead hand. Play each exercise repeatedly for several days until it feels completely natural and you can play it at various tempos.

  • $5900

    9 Lessons 3 hr 11 min