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Gregg Bissonette Drum School

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This ongoing series of lessons is all about adding “Vocabulary” to your playing. You will learn beats and fills in all genres along with their history. 3 Courses with 45 Lessons.


3 Courses · 45 Lessons · 6 hours 27 minutes


Gregg Bissonette

Gregg Bissonette has become known as one of the most versatile drummers in the business, his broad experience ranging from big band, blues, and rock, to Latin, fusion, and much more. Gregg’s warm, easy-going down-to-earth manner is refreshing from one of the top drummers in the world. Gregg's perfect balance between professionalism, strong work ethic, and congeniality make him a wonderful colleague and session artist, and a much-respected name in the music industry.

Artist Track Contents

  • Intermediate 25 Lessons 2 hr 48 min

  • $3900

Gregg Bissonette – Classic Drum Beats

Gregg Bissonette's Drum School is about adding to your drumming vocabulary and this series of classic drum beats and fills is a must. The idea is not only to learn Gregg's interpretation of these classics, but for you to put your "spin" on them so your vocabulary becomes part of your style.

  • $3900

    25 Lessons 2 hr 48 min

All Levels
  • All Levels 10 Lessons 1 hr 57 min

  • $3900

Gregg Bissonette – Vocabulary

In this course, we'll cover various drum grooves and fills that you can add to your vocabulary to give your playing authenticity and depth.

  • $3900

    10 Lessons 1 hr 57 min

All Levels
  • All Levels 10 Lessons 1 hr 42 min

  • $3900

Gregg Bissonette – Song Form

Gregg shows you how to write up a song chart to some of the songs from his upcoming album titled "Submarine". In the first part of each lesson he writes out the chart to the chosen song (without drums) then adds the drums in after the song chart has been created.

  • $3900

    10 Lessons 1 hr 42 min