News: A Tribute To Neil Peart.

Watch: A Tribute To Neil Peart.

The loss of Neil Peart is devastating on two levels. First, of course, to the entire drumming community. As Jimmy Chamberlin recently commented, “A piece of Neil lives in nearly every contemporary drum part in rock— whether people realize it or not.” Secondly, on a personal level. Before every tour Neil would block out the Drum Channel studio for a full month to practice before Rush rehearsals even started. One big lesson I definitely learned from Neil is always be prepared. While he was at DC we would have lunch every day in my office and he would always want to know what other drummers might be coming in to visit. It was always amazing to me that he was just as excited to meet his drumming idols as they were to meet him. There are so many great memories. I once bought a light at Restoration Hardware because I thought the wing screw design would be perfect for the Time Machine set— and Neil agreed. When he liked something he would just light up. If he thought something was not quite right, he would never say he didn’t like it. He would just say, “Let’s try something different.” Neil cared greatly about education for drummers and the importance of having a private teacher. He told me he almost quit drumming at one point but his teacher encouraged him to keep going.

There is a lot that we can learn from Neil as a person and a drummer. We will do our best to continue our mission… as he wanted it.

— Don Lombardi


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  1. Thanks guys, for all the great videos and lessons over the years and especially for making Mr. Peart a part of your drum family so that he could share his knowledge and experience with the rest of us. I am grateful to have lived in a time when a unique man such as this roamed the Earth and taught us all so much. Rest in peace, Neil. Cheers to all.

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