Zigaboo Modeliste
Known as a founding member of the funk group The Meters, Zigaboo Modeliste is Considered to be one of the most innovative, and highly acclaimed drummers ever. Modeliste is a pioneer of second-line funk. He remains a strong influence for drummers and his syncopated style is the source of a great many hip-hop and drum and bass samplers. He also cofounded The Wild Tchoupitoulas and has worked extensively with other musicians, notably Keith Richards, Robert Palmer, and Dr. John.

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Zigaboo: The Originator Of New Orleans Funky Drumming – 10 Lessons and Documentary in 4 parts

What is Funky? Zigaboo and James Gadson, the grandfathers of funk, talk about their funky feel, which has nothing to do with what you play.

  • $1995

    4 Lessons 5 hr 17 min