Terry Bozzio
Terry Bozzio may be best known for his work with Missing Persons and Frank Zappa. He has been featured on nine solo or collaborative albums, 26 albums with Zappa, and seven albums with Missing Persons. He has been a prolific sideman, playing on numerous releases by other artists since the mid-1970s. He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1997.

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  • Intermediate 7 Lessons 1 hr 58 min

  • $2900

Rhythm 1

Terry teaches basic permutations of triplet and sixteenth notes and how to use them in an ostinato. This Rhythm 1 class consists of 7 online drum lessons and is the 1st in the series entitled The Art of Drumming. 

  • $2900

    7 Lessons 1 hr 58 min

  • Advanced 7 Lessons 2 hr 8 min

  • $2900

Rhythm 2

Hearing Terry play these basic ostinato patterns on a pad, then a 5-piece kit, then a monster kit, brings home the message that it’s not the size of the drumset you play that makes you a musical drummer, it’s the approach you take to whatever size drumset you have. Terry begins these patterns slowly and then builds speed, just as you will have to do. When you finish Rhythm 2, you will have a clear idea of the concept of ostinatos and there’s no better way to learn than from the master himself. Watch the preview and see full list of lessons below.

  • $2900

    7 Lessons 2 hr 8 min

  • Advanced 12 Lessons 2 hr 50 min

  • $2900

Rhythm 3

In Rhythm 3, Terry goes through the different mixed sticking permutations in both the triple and duple realm. He demonstrates the stickings in six different ways: hands only, feet only, right side, left side, and then crossing with right hand/left foot and left hand/right foot.

  • $2900

    12 Lessons 2 hr 50 min