Rick Latham
Rick Latham is known as one of the music industry’s most in demand studio and touring drummers today, an exciting solo artist, acclaimed composer, globally renowned author and drumming guru. At just 25 years of age, it was the success of his ground breaking drum text, Advanced Funk Studies, that launched him into the international percussion spotlight, but is has been his expertise as a versatile performer that has made him one of contemporary drummings most respected players.

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Learn Serious Shuffles – Funk, Rock, Blue & Jazz

In this series of lessons, he will show you different stylistic interpretations of the shuffle, as well as exercises to improve your groove and coordination as it relates to the shuffle.

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    5 Lessons 38 min

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All About The Groove

3-Lesson Package with over 5 hours of digital video! Funk Master Rick Latham breaks down the grooves. Acclaimed Los Angeles studio and touring drummer Rick Latham offers essential and valuable tips and techniques to drummers of all levels, guaranteed to rock your playing beyond the next level. Over 5 hours of HD digital video!

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    3 Lessons 4 hr 25 min