Chad Wackerman
Drummer for James Taylor, Frank Zappa, Barbra Streisand and many more
A phenomenally skilled jazz and rock drummer, Chad's professional career began in 1978 with the Bill Watrous band. Since then he has amassed a remarkable body of work including a seven year association with Frank Zappa. He has also recorded 6 albums and toured with guitar legend Allan Holdsworth, played with Barbra Streisand, and recorded albums and toured with artists as diverse as Steve Vai, Andy Summers, Men At Work, Ed Mann, Albert Lee, Colin Hay, Dweezil Zappa, Pasqua/Holdsworth/Haslip/Wackerman Group, Terry Bozzio, Carl Verheyen and David Garfield.

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  • Advanced 4 Courses 60 Lessons

  • $11900

The Murray Spivack Method

Murray Spivack was one of the greatest teachers of all time. Chad reflects on his experience studying with him and discusses Murray’s philosophy about economy of motion, the importance of relaxation and his unique approach to the rudiments.

  • $11900

    4 Courses 60 Lessons 8 hr 4 min

Artist Courses

  • Advanced 14 Lessons 1 hr 56 min

  • $4000

The Murray Spivack Method – Part 4

Lets dive into the paradiddle rudiments and how we incorporate the motion and exercises we've learned previously.

  • $4000

    14 Lessons 1 hr 56 min

  • Intermediate 17 Lessons 1 hr 52 min

  • $4000

The Murray Spivack Method – Part 2

This course will move beyond the roll rudiments into the realm of flams and mixed stickings.

  • $4000

    17 Lessons 1 hr 52 min

  • Intermediate 12 Lessons 1 hr 59 min

  • $4000

The Murray Spivack Method – Part 1

Chad explains in detail how they are the fundamentals of everything you play. Murray would expect his students to practice 2 hours a day but with even 15-20 minutes a day, you will see immediate results which will make whatever you play not only easier but more musical.

  • $4000

    12 Lessons 1 hr 59 min