Bob Gatzen
If you were to describe Drummer-Producer-Inventor Bob Gatzen in one word, it would be…”diverse.” Bob is a multi-faceted artist who believes that we are now in an era of “choice” and diversity is the key to success. It was during the Creative Music years that Bob established himself as a pioneer in the percussion industry through his groundbreaking design work in product innovation and video production. Bob holds an abundance of U.S. and international design patents for Evans Drumheads, Drum Workshop, Noble & Cooley, Zildjian Cymbal Co., Regal Tip Drumsticks and DrumFrame Ltd. Bob promotes jazz performances in local clubs enlisting the who’s who of the NY / Boston jazz scenes to guest-perform with his jazz group, Moto. Bob also lead the improvisational percussion ensemble Spiral, featuring the Baschet Sound Sculptures.