Alex Acuña
Born in Pativilca, Peru, 100 miles north of Lima, Alex Acuña was born into a musical family. As a teenager, he moved to Lima and became one of Peru's most accomplished session drummers, performing on many recording projects for artists, as well as film and television productions. Alex moved to Las Vegas in 1974, where he played with such greats as Elvis Presley and Diana Ross. Between 1975 and 1977, he made part of jazz history when he became both drummer and percussionist for one of the most innovative and pioneering jazz groups of our time, Weather Report. 

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Artist Courses

  • Advanced 14 Lessons 2 hr 11 min

  • $1995

Rudiments on Congas

This course will break down and demonstrate some basic common conga patterns to you as well as show you how to use your drum set rudiments on the Congas.  Alex will show you the eight basic tones you should strive to master on the congas, and also demonstrate 15 rudiments and how they can be applied to Congas.

  • $1995

    14 Lessons 2 hr 11 min

  • Advanced 9 Lessons 1 hr 30 min

  • $1995

Authentic Latin Rhythms On The Drumset

Winner of Modern Drummer's Reader Poll for five consecutive years as "Best Latin/Brazilian Percussionist" Alex is both a master and historian of Latin rhythms.

  • $1995

    9 Lessons 1 hr 30 min