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Thomas Lang’s Drum Universe

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This immersive drum experience featuring HUNDREDS of instructional videos, and over 28 HOURS of lesson content -- which you can stream any time, anywhere, from your favorite device.

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Rhythm in Essence

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Efrain Toro is known by many of the best drummers in the world to be the Genius of Rhythm. In this course, you can download his complete book Rhythm in Essence, and get over 100 moving sequences to practice all the basic steps, which are universal, meaning they are found in all cultures around the world. Coordination is at the core of nature and Efrain shows you how it is done naturally, with the easiest and most direct way being movement. This course will open your mind, expand your understanding of rhythm, and keep you healthy by moving.
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Hingestix for Practicing Speed & Control

Hingestix are a revolutionary way of working on and improving your grip and fulcrum control. These sticks are designed to be part of your practice routine, not used during performance. These sticks simulate the feeling of a loose grip in the hands to allow the stick to bounce freely and help teach you how to play faster and more relaxed.
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