News: DC’s Exclusive Murray Spivack Roundtable

Watch Now! Chad Wackerman’s Intro To The Murray Spivack Method

Over the span of nearly 70 years, Murray Spivack was one of the most in-demand drum teachers on the west coast. He had a 6 month waiting list for new students… and he taught only hand technique. His students included studio and touring pros from every era, such as Louie Bellson, David Garibaldi, Carlos Vega, Vinnie Colaiuta, Chad Wackerman and Remo Belli as well as Bobby Colomby, Chuck Flores, Dick Wilson, Gordon Peake, Brooks Wackerman, Gary Ferguson, Joey Heredia, John Wackerman, Walfredo de los Reyes, Alvin Stoller, William Kraft, Chuck Silverman and many more.

With “The Murray Spivack Method” by Chad Wackerman continuing to be DC’s top-selling course, Chad and Drum Channel founder Don Lombardi recently brought 6 Spivack students together for an in-depth discussion of what made the master teacher so popular and so successful— and why studying with a private teacher can be so important. Episodes of the fascinating, 6-part roundtable air everyday this week and, if you’re serious about improving your playing, you won’t want to miss a minute of it.

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