News: Meet DC Artist Of The Month: Chad Wackerman

Play Now! Watch Chad Wackerman’s Play-Along Lesson for “Sophie’s Beach”!

All during September we are proud to feature a “drummer’s drummer” and one of Drum Channel’s top artist/educators, Chad Wackerman. The oldest of 3 brothers in a family of drummers (Chad, John, Brooks and father, Chuck), Chad has toured and recorded as a sideman, band member and leader with a number of world-renowned artists from Frank Zappa and Allan Holdsworth to James Taylor and Barbra Streisand. His musicianship, drumming skills and impeccable reputation allow him to continue to be among the world’s most in-demand stickmen.

Throughout the month of September, Chad can be seen every Thursday in Play-Along lessons from his DVD “Chad Wackerman Trio Hits Live” (which is now available in the Drum Channel Store). At the end of the month, he’ll be part of an amazing, 5 episode Roundtable discussion with his father and brothers, Gary Ferguson (LACM) and David Garibaldi (Tower Of Power) about master-teacher Murray Spivack. And, in case you are still on the fence about becoming a member of the Drum Channel family, Chad’s new artist track “Big Band Reading & Interpretation”— the follow-up to his incredibly popular “Murrary Spivack Method” course— will be released later this month, as well.

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