Don’s Blog 2: Matt Garstka Week

If you wondered who is carrying the torch from the master of progressive metal, and good old rock ‘n roll, you have found him, Matt Garstka. And that’s no surprise to most drummers.

I hate labeling genres, especially for drummers. You can be great and stay in 4/4 all your life or study and practice countless hours to expand your horizon. Then there is technique. How many notes can you put into a beat, and most importantly, why?

Check out Matt this week on DC. We are calling it Matt Garstka Week. You will see how he interacts with Joshua De La Victoria as they breakdown each song from their new EP, “Modern Values.” The song breakdowns and interview are available to DC members, and a bundle of all 7 live song performances with breakdowns are available for everyone to purchase as a Streaming Drum Video, which is available in DC Artist Courses.

Even though it may be a little advanced, you can definitely pick up ideas you can apply to your playing.

Next week we will hang all week with the drummer and rhythm section from the movie, “A Star is Born.” I think you will agree that it is really interesting and educational.

Keep in touch, Don

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