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Latest Full Lessons:

May 15, 2019Rick Latham

169 – Serious Shuffles

In this series of lessons, he will show you different stylistic interpretations of the shuffle, as well as exercises to improve your groove and coordination as it relates to the shuffle....

April 29, 2019Nate Wood

Nate Wood “fOUR”

Nate Wood brings all of his multi-instrumental talents together for this very special performance and lesson. He also shares his concepts of playing one-handed and improvising.

Latest Short Lessons:

September 6, 2019Mike Packer

Playing Ghost Notes

Mike demonstrates his technique behind ghost notes and gives an example of what your ghost notes should sound like in retaliation to accented notes.

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Featured Premium Content:

September 26, 2018Matt Garstka

Matt Garstka – State of the Art

Matt Garstka is the drummer for Animals as Leaders and his new project Victoria with Joshua de la Victoria. In this course, Matt Garstka performs all 7 songs from Victoria's debut EP "Modern Value" and also does a breakdown for each song. This course also features an interview with Matt and Joshua, plus 2 bonus lessons.