Studio Drumming

Get A Bigger Sound

Teacher: Don Lombardi, Javier Barrera Length: 40 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast

In this lesson, Javier sits down with Don Lombardi to explain how to get a bigger sound out of your kit without compromising your technique.

Pulling Sound Out Of The Kit

Teacher: Dave Elitch Length: 37 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast, Technique

Dave addresses how to pull sound out of the kit, as well as preparing yourself for real world applications of reading and learning music.

67 – Microphone Placement Selection on The Big Kit

Teacher: Terry Bozzio Length: 11 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

Terry discusses the ambient miking techniques on his big kit, along with mic choices and placement.

Studio Essentials

Teacher: Curt Bisquera Length: 58 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast

Curt Bisquera, who has worked with artists like Elton John and Tom Petty, discusses some essential tools and techniques needed for playing in the studio.

68 – Standard Drumset Microphone Techniques

Teacher: Terry Bozzio Length: 9 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

On a six piece kit, Terry talks about his mic choices and placement, along with mic placement on his percussion setup.

Sound Experiments

Teacher: Blair Sinta Length: 52 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast

Blair has played with Alanis Morissette, Stevie Nicks and many more. In this lesson, he breaks down the "how, when and why" of sound experimentation.

72 – Tuning Your Toms

Teacher: John Good Length: 9 min Category: Free, General, Secrets From the Pros

John gives Cobus Potgieter a lesson on tuning his toms, explaining how the pitch of the shell is relative to the tuning of the head.

233 – Bass Drum Sound Choices

Teacher: Blair Sinta Length: 14 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

Blair Sinta shares 3 different examples of bass drum tuning and shows us how they can affect your overall sound, groove and feel on the kit.

73 – Floor Tom Trick

Teacher: Don Lombardi Length: 3 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

Don demonstrates a VERY useful little drum trick he learned from Jim Keltner. Your going to want to check this one out!

163 – Syncopation For The Set

Teacher: Rich Redmond Length: 31 min Category: Reading Music

Sit back and watch how famed studio drummer, Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) uses Ted Reed's "Syncopation" to practice his reading, styles, technique and coordination.