Studio Drumming

Tips Used in the Recording Studio

Teacher: Curt Bisquera Length: 4 min Category: Practice Tips, Secrets From the Pros, Time Keeping

In this lesson Curt Bisquera will share what he feels is most important when you go into the studio for the first time.

How to Develop Your Ear Training

Teacher: Dave Elitch Length: 4 min Category: Musicianship, Secrets From the Pros

Dave will show you an ear training method that involves learning through listening to other patterns and eats and recreating them on the drum set.

Creating a Live Drum Mix

Teacher: Mika Fineo Length: 6 min Category: Practice Tips, Secrets From the Pros

During the Filter rehearsal, Mika took a break and took us through the monitor mix that he hears in his in-ears as he plays with the band.

Essential Tips For Studio Drumming

Teacher: Curt Bisquera Length: 58 min Category: Being Prepared, Live Rebroadcast, Practice Tips

Curt Bisquera, who has worked with artists like Elton John and Tom Petty, discusses some essential tools and techniques needed for playing in the studio.

Microphone Placement and Selection for the Big Kit

Teacher: Terry Bozzio Length: 11 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

Terry discusses the ambient miking techniques on his big kit, along with mic choices and placement.

Exploring New Sounds & Grooves For Recording

Teacher: Blair Sinta Length: 52 min Category: Beats / Grooves, Live Rebroadcast, Musicianship

Blair has played with Alanis Morissette, Stevie Nicks and many more. In this lesson, he breaks down the "how, when and why" of sound experimentation.

Standard Drumset Microphone Techniques

Teacher: Terry Bozzio Length: 9 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

On a six piece kit, Terry talks about his mic choices and placement, along with mic placement on his percussion setup.

How Bass Drum Tuning Can Effect the Song

Teacher: Blair Sinta Length: 14 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Tuning

Blair Sinta shares 3 different examples of bass drum tuning and shows us how they can affect your overall sound, groove and feel on the kit.

Learn How to Tune Your Toms

Teacher: John Good Length: 9 min Category: Free, Secrets From the Pros, Tuning

John gives Cobus Potgieter a lesson on tuning his toms, explaining how the pitch of the shell is relative to the tuning of the head.

Experimenting With Your Bass Drum Sound

Teacher: Blair Sinta Length: 12 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Tuning

In this lesson, Blair will experiment with some smaller diameter bass drums and show what sounds you can attain.