Developing Slide Technique and Three Note Strokes

Teacher: Thomas Pridgen Length: 5 min Category: Foot Technique, Practice Tips, Secrets From the Pros

Pridgen demonstrates the techniques he developed for playing three notes in a row as fast sixteenths or triplets, including an explanation of the slide technique.

Why 3 Snare Drums?

Teacher: Bob Gatzen Length: 8 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

Bob shows his unique 3 snare drum setup and how he uses them as seperate instruments with compound strokes.

How to Make Your Fills Groove

Teacher: Curt Bisquera Length: 3 min Category: Fills, Secrets From the Pros

In this lesson, Curt explains some tips on how to make your fills groove by playing dynamically and using accents.

Discovering How To Ride Your Crash

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 21 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Time Keeping, Vocabulary

Lets see how we can use the crash cymbal to enhance your dynamics and intensity level in a way that is both musical and stylistically appropriate.

Your Basic Cajon Sounds

Teacher: Pete Lockett Length: 6 min Category: Percussion, Secrets From the Pros

Pete lockett is a world-renowned percussionist who will show you the basic sounds and techniques that you should know when starting to play cajon.

1 – Learn How to Setup Your Drums

Teacher: Stephen Perkins Length: 20 min Category: Free, General Free

If you want to know everything about setting up your drums, "Jane's Addiction" drummer, Stephen Perkins, will guide you step by step to doing so.

How Stick Grip Affects Your Sound and Style

Teacher: Thomas Pridgen Length: 8 min Category: Hand Technique, Secrets From the Pros

Pridgen discusses how holding the sticks can influence the style of your music.

Experimenting With Your Set Up

Teacher: Bob Gatzen Length: 7 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros, Tuning

In this lesson, Bob Gatzen discusses how changing your setup will change your sound which will help you discover your style.

Grooving Around a Bass Pattern

Teacher: Curt Bisquera Length: 5 min Category: Beats / Grooves, Secrets From the Pros

Curt talks about how to groove and lock in with the bass part. He also demonstrates the importance of emphasizing the "one" in certain styles.

Play With Power Without Sacrificing Your Technique And Energy

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 22 min Category: Dynamics, Hand Technique, Live Rebroadcast

This lesson will show you the proper way generate a great sound with power while maintaining the right technique. Its not just about hitting harder.