Applying Latin Rhythms to the Drum Set

Teacher: Alex Acuña Length: 42 min Category: Independence, Live Rebroadcast, Vocabulary

Don joins Alex Acuña and discusses applying Latin Rhythms and rudiments to the to create and authentic feel.

Songo and Samba

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 28 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Vocabulary

This is a lesson on Songo and Samba with DC Staff member Adam Kuns.

Brushes in Latin Styles

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 33 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Technique, Vocabulary

We will examine how you can play a Bossa Nova and a Samba using brushes. This lesson will provide various rhythms and brush strokes used for each style.

Samba Beat

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 6 min Category: Vocabulary

This lesson will cover a Brazilian groove adapted to drum set. The samba is a popular groove that mimics that of a Brazilian Samba parade. Check out how each element is adapted to drum set.

Batucada Beat

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 4 min Category: Vocabulary

The Batacuda style of drumming originates from the Brazilian Samba rhythms played while marching in a parade. This lesson will adapt ethnic Brazilian rhythms, originally played on Brazilian percussion, and apply them to the modern drum set.

Brush Samba

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 9 min Category: Vocabulary

This lesson dives into playing a Samba at lower dynamic levels by using brushes. Remember there's multiple ways to get a sound from the brushes so don't be afraid to experiment.