46 – Shout vs. Rock

Teacher: Eric Moore Length: 7 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

In This Lesson, Eric Moore demonstrates the differences between church shout beats and straight ahead rock beats.

159 – 16th’s Chad’s Way

Teacher: Chad Smith Length: 1 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Technique

Chad's feel is a lesson to be learned. The 16th note snare rim shot pattern uses a stress and release musical approach. Listen to how he holds back then grooves solid back into the time.

7 – Reviewing Beats: Moving the Right Hand Around Drums

Teacher: Chad Smith Length: 12 min Category: General, Vocabulary

Let's take time to review the three beats we learned and practice them with different right hand variations.


Teacher: Stephen Perkins Length: 13 min Category: Vocabulary

This song features a double-handed ride cymbal part with a consistent 8th note pattern on the bass drum.

Thumb Triplet Rock

Teacher: Paul Jennings Length: 4 min Category:

In this lesson you will learn a rock rhythm that incorporates the first thumb triplet from lesson 9.  You can also try placing the thumb triplet in other rhythms and fills. It is a simple technique that will take some practice to get right but it can really add in impressive element to your playing.

Rock Beat with 16th Notes

Teacher: Al Velasquez Length: 7 min Category: Free, Vocabulary

Al Velasquez is a highly respected drum instructor and player. This is Lesson 9 in his 16-Lesson course, which goes from beginning to intermediate. All 16 lessons are included in your subscription.

The Art of Jazz Rock Drumming | Full-Length

Teacher: Danny Seraphine Length: 2 hr 57 min Category:

Classic fills and grooves by the man who created them. As a founding member of the rock band “Chicago”, Danny has pioneered the style of Jazz Rock Drumming. Danny takes you back to the city of Chicago where he and his band created history. Concert and training are both included in this amazing DVD. Danny toured the United States in November with this new DVD and his autobiography Street Player: My Chicago Story.

54 – Slide Technique and Single Pedal Triple Strokes

Teacher: Thomas Pridgen Length: 5 min Category: Foot Technique, Secrets From the Pros, Technique

Pridgen demonstrates the techniques he developed for playing three notes in a row as fast sixteenths or triplets, including an explanation of the slide technique.

174 – 94th Street

Teacher: Luke Holland Length: 6 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

This Drum Channel exclusive shows Luke breaking down some of his incredibly impressive and creative drum parts from 94th Street by his band The Word Alive, off of their album Real.

8 – Combining Rock Beat #1 & #3: Adding Crash Cymbals

Teacher: Chad Smith Length: 12 min Category: General, Vocabulary

Let's add some musicality and dynamics to these patterns using the crash cymbals. Click the button below to take a look at "Basic Rock Drumming Chad's Way."

Basic Rock Drumming Chad's Way