5-Stroke Roll and Paradiddle

Teacher: Al Velasquez Length: 4 min Category: Rudiments, Vocabulary

You will learn the sticking of a 5-Stroke Roll and Paradiddle. Both are intermediate to advanced rudiments and it will take time to master them and play them with speed. In these lessons the sticking is the most important part, not the speed. You will learn how to put these on a drum set in upcoming lessons.

Paradiddle Using Spivack Method

Teacher: Chad Wackerman Length: 8 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Technique

Chad Wackerman demonstrates how the Spivack Method can be used to play more efficient and better sounding paradiddles.

5-Stroke Roll and Paradiddle on Drum Set

Teacher: Al Velasquez Length: 9 min Category: Vocabulary

Remember, speed is not important, the most important thing is to keep the tempo even. When you get these a little faster, you will have some great sounding professional drum fills.

Double Paradiddle Groove With Left Hand Lead

Teacher: Gabor Dornyei Length: 16 min Category: Rudiments, Secrets From the Pros

This lesson features Gabor Dornyei demonstrating how you can play open-handed by applying a double paradiddle groove.

Paradiddle Fills, Paradiddle Grooves

Teacher: Al Velasquez Length: 10 min Category: Vocabulary

This lesson shows you some great sounding drum fills, using patterns you have already learned. You can play example 1-4 with sixteenth notes as written or with eighth notes in the right hand.


Teacher: Alex Acuña Length: 6 min Category: Rudiments

This lesson will give you a good look at how rudiments can make exciting and musical patterns on the conga drums.

Single, Double, and Triple Paradiddles

Teacher: Alex Acuña Length: 9 min Category: Vocabulary

Alex shows how the paradiddles on the congas create rhythms. The single paradiddle is a Caribbean rhythm from Puerto Rico. The double paradiddle is an African beat in "three or six" feel. The triple paradiddle is it's own pattern.

236 – Paradiddles Speed and Motion with Felix Lehrmann

Teacher: Felix Lehrmann Length: 9 min Category: Hand Technique, Rudiments, Secrets From the Pros, Technique

Felix will show you how he uses the paradiddle around the set while utilizing the natural paradiddle motion to create different voicing's.

Rudiments Applied to Music (Not Just Your Drum Set!)

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 34 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Rudiments

Let's check out some ways we can use all of our rudimental vocabulary in ways that will support the music rather than overwhelm it.

245 – Using Paradiddles Musically

Teacher: Felix Lehrmann Length: 2 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Felix Lehrmann will demonstrate ways in which paradiddles and paradiddle variations can be the appropriate choice of what to play.