The Ride Cymbal

Teacher: Mike Clark Length: 4 min Category:

The ride cymbal is central to the time when playing Jazz.

Lesson 11

Teacher: Efrain Toro Length: 11 min Category: General

71 – Analysis of Cumbia De Los Muertos

Teacher: Mario Calire Length: 11 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Mario breaks down this classic Ozomatli song. This will challenge your independence and give you a great pattern that will stick as a permanent part of your drumming vocabulary.

109 – Popular Triplet Fill Phrases

Teacher: Rich Redmond Length: 5 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Rich shows you a great Bonham triplet phrase that is one of his favorite patterns as a fill, in a solo, or at the end of a song.

161 – “Drummer’s Disease” Part 2

Teacher: Steve Goold Length: 7 min Category: General, Secrets From the Pros

Steve gives basic tips on playing with another drummer. Try to record yourself and listen to another drummer and decide if you accompanied or played over them.

Stories & Influences

Teacher: Dave Elitch Length: 45 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast

Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta) shares some stories and influences. Then Dave breaks down some challenging rhythms and coordination.

I Play Drums – Lesson 3

Teacher: Don Lombardi Length: 10 min Category:

These are three great lessons for beginner drummers or to start with if you have never played before.

Making Time Come Alive

Teacher: JR Robinson Length: 20 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast

JR Robinson, a legendary groove master, demonstrates various grooves and breaks down the qualities of making each groove danceable.

Develop Your Time and Feel

Teacher: Joey Peebles Length: 17 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast

Joey Peebles of "Trombone Shorty" shares his approach of strengthening your time, feel and independence by demonstrating multiple applications.

244 – Wrist and Finger Technique

Teacher: Felix Lehrmann Length: 5 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Technique

Felix Lehrmann will demonstrate how he uses his wrist and arm motion to anticipate voicings around the drums while still engaging the fingers.