The Ride Cymbal

Teacher: Mike Clark Length: 4 min Category:

The ride cymbal is central to the time when playing Jazz.

Developing Better Time

Teacher: JR Robinson Length: 5 min Category: Practice Tips, Secrets From the Pros, Time Keeping

JR Robinson - timekeeper on over 300 million records sold - gives you his tips on how to keep time on drumset.

Using Creative Sounds on the Drum Set

Teacher: Zoro Length: 10 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Zoro shows you how to produce sound effects using various parts of the stick, including some tricky rim flams and finger playing.

Cobus Breaks Down “Heroes”

Teacher: Cobus Potgieter Length: 45 min Category: Beats / Grooves, Live Rebroadcast, Rudimental Crash Course

Cobus Potgieter plays "Heroes", the first song released from his band, Ventura Lights. In this lesson he'll break down the verse, chorus, and bridge.

Orchestrating Your Drum Solos

Teacher: Mike Mitchell Length: 8 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Soloing

Mike demonstrates how he creates a musical solo through melody, rhythm and dynamics. He also explains how important it is to use the melody when soloing.


Teacher: Al Velasquez Length: 13 min Category: Vocabulary

Al shows fundamental ways to play accents which adds dynamics to your playing that can give you a funky feel and make your patterns come to life. Al also introduces you to Latin rhythms.

Medium Tempo Ride Cymbal

Teacher: Mike Clark Length: 3 min Category:

You can use more of an open and close motion with the ride cymbal hand and begin to play more melodic and rhythmic ride patterns.

Learning The Disco Open High-Hat Groove

Teacher: Gregg Bissonette Length: 7 min Category: Beats / Grooves, Hi-Hat, Musical Styles, Secrets From the Pros

Gregg shows the traditional Disco pattern with various high-hat sounds that make it authentic.

The Power of Short Fills

Teacher: Chad Wackerman Length: 6 min Category: Fills, Secrets From the Pros

Chad talks about the importance and musicality of short drum fills. In this lesson he demonstrates how he will use a simple musical idea.

Developing A Signature Sound

Teacher: Rick Latham Length: 58 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Musicianship

Rick Latham shows some great ways to develop a signature sound.