Applying the 5-Stroke Roll to Congas

Teacher: Alex Acuña Length: 5 min Category: Percussion, Rudiments, Secrets From the Pros

Alex has developed a unique lesson plan where drummers who know the rudiments on a drumset can apply them to the Congas and produce Latin rhythms.

Buddy Solos In Slow Motion

Teacher: Buddy Rich Length: 14 min Category: Hand Technique, Secrets From the Pros, Soloing

This is a slow motion playback of one of Buddy's solos, exposing his unique technique.

Play With Power Without Sacrificing Your Technique And Energy

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 22 min Category: Dynamics, Hand Technique, Live Rebroadcast

This lesson will show you the proper way generate a great sound with power while maintaining the right technique. Its not just about hitting harder.

Single Stroke Development Into Triplets

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 9 min Category: Technique

Let's take the principles from the previous lesson's exercise and apply them in a triplet context.  You learn how to count and subdivide the triplets while playing your alternating single stroke roll.

The Single Paradiddle-Diddle – DC Rudiment #19

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 11 min Category: Technique

The paradiddle-diddle employs the same motion as the paradiddle while adding another rebounce stroke with an outside release.

The Double Paradiddle-Diddle on Drum Set

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 9 min Category: Technique

Ralph will demonstrate some ways that you can take this pattern and move it around the drum set melodically.

2 – Feint, Flam and Flamacue

Teacher: Chad Wackerman Length: 10 min Category: Rudiments

Using open flams, the feint and flam can give you some new phrasing ideas on the drumset.

Paradiddle Motion and Speed Development

Teacher: Felix Lehrmann Length: 9 min Category: Rudiments, Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Felix will show you how he uses the paradiddle around the set while utilizing the natural paradiddle motion to create different voicing's.

Intro to Single Stroke Motions (Alternate Strokes)

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 9 min Category: Rudimental Crash Course

We apply our motions that we learned to alternating single strokes.  We will practice these for now as eighth notes and sixteenth notes. This is one of 65 lessons based on hand technique with Ralph Humphrey.

The 3-Stroke Ruff on Drum Set

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 9 min Category:

Legendary educator, Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa), shows us how to apply the 3-stroke ruff to the drum set.  He demonstrates it starting on different beats, and at different subdivisions of the beat.