Holding the Sticks

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 17 min Category: Technique

This is the most fundamental lesson to take away from this course, and a topic that is often overlooked.

The Long Roll – DC Rudiment #1

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 7 min Category: Technique

The long roll is the foundation for efficient motion and sound quality of our double strokes.  Focus on creating an even and full sound while you play the long roll.

The Flamacue – DC Rudiment #14

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 9 min Category: Technique

The flamacue is a rudiment that was established in American marching music during the early 19th century.  It involves a flam as well as an inverted motion with the pull-out stroke.

The Outside Release Motion (4-6 Stroke Motion) | Drum Set

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 16 min Category: Technique

These stroke motions will incorporate 3 stress notes in a row.  By changing the amount of tap strokes after the stress motions, you can extend or shorten the length of the phrase.

Roll Practice Routine

Teacher: Chad Wackerman Length: 16 min Category: Rudiments

This lesson will show you the whole Murray Spivack roll chart.

Single Paradiddle

Teacher: Chad Wackerman Length: 12 min Category: Hand Technique, Rudiments, Technique

These lessons let you apply the system using a series of rudiments.

Hand & Foot Linear Coordination

Teacher: Thomas Lang Length: 1 hr 0 min Category: Free, Independence - Develop Your Coordination

Thomas Lang was voted "Best Drummer, Educator & Clinician" multiple times by the drumming community. This lesson shares some linear concepts he adapted. See Thomas's lessons and over 20 shows in Entertainment.

The Outside Release Motion ® (2-Stroke)

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 7 min Category: Technique

Ralph breaks down the outside release motion as it relates to a 2-stroke motion.  The up stroke is a 'free note' that comes about as a product of the outside release.

Double and Press Rolls

Teacher: Al Velasquez Length: 4 min Category: Hand Technique, Technique, Vocabulary

There is always the tendency to want to make both strokes of the long roll.

A Warm-Up Exercise

Teacher: Ralph Humphrey Length: 10 min Category:

Joe demonstrates a wrist exercise that prepares you for later motions and gets your hands working in contrary motion.