231 – Triplet Jazz Funk

Teacher: Mike Clark Length: 6 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Mike Clark demonstrates this pattern and the approach he took to it while using it with Herbie Hancock.

Funk 2

Teacher: Paul Jennings Length: 4 min Category:

Now you will learn Funk 2 rhythm. It is a widely used funk groove that has a late snare hit that gives it a nice funky vibe.


Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 5 min Category: Vocabulary

In this final lesson of the Emergency Styles Toolkit Course, we examine a few reggae examples for you to add to your vocabulary.

Syncopation For The Set

Teacher: Rich Redmond Length: 30 min Category: Independence, Live Rebroadcast, Reading

Rich covers syncopation while playing grooves and fills around the set. 

Zigaboo Main Feature

Teacher: Zigaboo Modeliste Length: 3 hr 28 min Category:

His recordings with The Meters are legendary. Being funky is one of the biggest compliments a drummer can receive and Zig is the master. This DVD will be one of the most important lessons of your drumming career.

General Lesson

Teacher: Rick Latham Length: 1 hr 2 min Category: General, Live Rebroadcast

This is an amazing lesson with Rick Latham of Juice Newton!

Zigaboo Roundtable Part 1

Teacher: Zigaboo Modeliste Length: 50 min Category:

Ramp Up Your Snare Drumming

Teacher: Rick Latham Length: 58 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Rudiments, Technique

This is a an awesome lesson with Rick Latham on how to ramp up your snare drumming.

Zigaboo Roundtable Part 2

Teacher: Zigaboo Modeliste Length: 46 min Category:

59 – Mixing a Funk and Brazilian Groove

Teacher: Gil Sharone, Stanton Moore Length: 7 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Moore goes in depth of the history of the hybrid style, Brazilian Funk, and explains where each aspect was drawn from.