Linear Fills and Drum Grooves

Teacher: Cobus Potgieter Length: 46 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Vocabulary

In this live lesson Cobus Potgieter breaks down one of his fills from the YouTube Band Project and addresses his most difficult challenges.

Zoro’s Favorite Classic Fill

Teacher: Zoro Length: 2 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Zoro shares his favorite fill. This one may not be much of a secret, but see why Zoro keeps coming back to this classic fill.

63 – Leading with the Left ‘KLRLLRKLRLLR’

Teacher: Mika Fineo Length: 6 min Category: Secrets From the Pros, Technique, Vocabulary

Mika explains a simple fill that can be implemented today! Remember to orchestrate it around the kit and make it your own.

Double Bass Fill

Teacher: Cobus Potgieter Length: 45 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Vocabulary

He demonstrates some fills as well as gives you a sneak peek at the bridge part from one of Ventura Lights songs!

4 – Playing Basic Rock Beat #1: With Ride Cymbal, Toms, and Hi Hat on 2 & 4

Teacher: Chad Smith Length: 14 min Category: General, Vocabulary

We are now going to add in the other drum set elements into this beat.

9 – Basic Drum Fills on Snare Drums and Toms

Teacher: Chad Smith Length: 20 min Category: General, Vocabulary

Let's learn some basic drum fills to go along with our drum beat variations.

10 – Fills with Combined Rock Beats

Teacher: Chad Smith Length: 16 min Category: Free, General, Independence - Develop Your Coordination, Vocabulary

This is the last lesson in Chad Smith’s course, “Basic Rock Drumming Chad’s Way.” You should start with Lesson 1 if you are a beginner. All 10 lessons are included in your subscription.

Paradiddle to Inverted Paradiddle

Teacher: Cobus Potgieter Length: 40 min Category: Live Rebroadcast, Rudiments

Cobus goes over one of his ways he works a Paradiddle/Inverted Paradiddle around the drum set.

Jazz Sensibilities Lesson 2

Teacher: Bruce Becker Length: 28 min Category: Independence, Live Rebroadcast, Technique, Vocabulary

This lesson, Bruce will emphasize some approach to Bass Drum 'comping' with some technical insights for the foot which will add to the previous week's lesson.

Choreographing Rolls Part 3

Teacher: Bruce Becker Length: 30 min Category: Independence, Live Rebroadcast, Rudiments

This is Part 3 of Bruce Becker's Choreographing Rolls lessons.