Cross-Stick Patterns

Teacher: Gregg Bissonette Length: 18 min Category: Vocabulary

On the snare drum and tom-tom, Gregg shows different effects you can get using the cross-stick.

Discussion and Performance: “Malignant Narcissism”

Teacher: Neil Peart Length: 11 min Category: Vocabulary

Neil will perform and discuss his composition "Malignant Narcissism".

Neil Discussing Time Feel, Articulation, Holding the Sticks, & Studying with Freddie Gruber

Teacher: Freddie Gruber, Neil Peart Length: 22 min Category: Technique, Vocabulary

Neil dives into the topic of technique.  The topics include the way you hold the sticks to how you feel the time.

Neil & Freddie Gruber Discussing Articulation, Composition, and Orchestration

Teacher: Neil Peart Length: 22 min Category: General, Technique

Neil sits down with drum instructor legend Freddie Gruber to discuss musicality and technique. Freddie was visiting Neil while recording his lessons and was asked to join in at last minute for a great unrehearsed conversation between Freddie and Neil.

Neil Answering Questions

Teacher: Neil Peart Length: 19 min Category: General

In this lesson, Neil addresses some common questions he gets.

Drummers that Compose | Part 1

Teacher: Doane Perry, Jim Keltner, Neil Peart Length: 23 min Category: General

Doane tells a very informative story about Steve Gadd and how important it is for a drummer to look at the overall song from a writer or composers perspective.