Lesson 7

Teacher: Efrain Toro Length: 12 min Category: General

Jazz Ride Cymbal – Part 3

Teacher: John Ramsay Length: 33 min Category:

Lesson 8

Teacher: Efrain Toro Length: 9 min Category: General

The Rudimental Ritual – Part 3

Teacher: John Ramsay Length: 10 min Category:

Aaron Spears Clinic Part 1

Teacher: Aaron Spears Length: 30 min Category: Clinic, Featured

Aaron took some time off with Usher to share his philosophy and approach to drumming in this DC Clinic.

Lesson 9

Teacher: Efrain Toro Length: 10 min Category: General

Chart Reading Interpretation

Teacher: John Ramsay Length: 31 min Category:

This lesson covers the fundamentals of how you will be expected to approach chart reading.

Lesson 10

Teacher: Efrain Toro Length: 14 min Category: General

Lesson 11

Teacher: Efrain Toro Length: 11 min Category: General

Neil Answering Questions

Teacher: Neil Peart Length: 19 min Category: General

In this lesson, Neil addresses some common questions he gets.