Brushes on Cajon

Teacher: Paul Jennings Length: 4 min Category:

Brushes on the cajon sound great and more and more players are now using brushes on the cajon.  The way you hold brushes for cajon is a little different than how you hold brushes or sticks for regular drum set or snare drum playing.  You want to have both brushes pointed down at the floor or toward the bottom of your cajon. Watch the video for how to hold them correctly.

3/4 Rhythm With Brushes

Teacher: Paul Jennings Length: 3 min Category:

Now you will learn a rhythm in the time signature of 3/4 that you can play with your brushes. You can also play this rhythm with your hands.

Basic Brush Techniques

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 7 min Category: Vocabulary

This lesson covers everything you'll need to know to get started with brushes. We will Uncover drawing circles used for ballads, playing your basic jazz beat and 16th note rock brush beats.

Instantly Add New Styles and Sounds to Your Cajon with Brushes

Teacher: Hakim Ludin Length: 10 min Category: Brushes, Latin, Secrets From the Pros

Hakim breaks down another way of adding new tone colors to the cajon by adding brushes into the mix. Watch as he demonstrates multiple styles with brushes.

Brush Samba

Teacher: Adam Kuns Length: 9 min Category: Vocabulary

This lesson dives into playing a Samba at lower dynamic levels by using brushes. Remember there's multiple ways to get a sound from the brushes so don't be afraid to experiment.

Using Brushes on a Ballad

Teacher: Peter Erskine Length: 3 min Category: Beats / Grooves, Brushes, Jazz, Secrets From the Pros

In this lesson, Erskine discusses time, feel, and brush technique. Check out how he uses a swing pattern at even the slowest tempos.

Building Brush Vocabulary

Teacher: Gregg Bissonette Length: 5 min Category: Brushes, Jazz, Secrets From the Pros, Vocabulary

Learn Various Brush Grooves

Teacher: Jaz Sawyer Length: 7 min Category: Beats / Grooves, Brushes, Secrets From the Pros

In this lesson, Jaz Sawyer helps to expand your brush vocabulary with some great tips, various brush strokes and grooves.

Tips for Switching From Brushes to Sticks

Teacher: Jaz Sawyer Length: 12 min Category: Brushes, Practice Tips, Secrets From the Pros

Jaz shares his secrets on efficiently and artistically using brushes. He will broaden your musicality and vocabulary with unique nuances.

Expanding Your Brush Playing

Teacher: Paul Wertico Length: 8 min Category: Brushes, Secrets From the Pros

Paul Wertico gained worldwide recognition as a past member of the Pat Metheny Group. In this lesson, he discusses several different brush applications.