Get Started Now –
3 Fundamental Lessons

Get Started Now – 3 Fundamental Lessons


Learn The Basic Rock Beat #1

You will be playing drums in 10 minutes with or without a set! Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Greg Garman and Don Lombardi join Val Sepulveda in lesson #1. All 10 lessons are included in your subscription.


Basic Rock Beat with Outside Release

Chad Smith gives one of the fundamental lessons that every drummer should learn, the outside release motion (Moeller Method). See "Basic Rock Drumming Chad's Way" All 10 lessons are included in your subscription.


Learn The Bounce Stroke

Mastering the bounce stroke is key to your success as a drummer. It will produce the proper tone from the drum if you are perform the motion correctly. This is Lesson 6 from an 8-Lesson course on the bounce stro...

Beats and Fills – Improve your Groove


191 – 3 Fills Every Drummer Should Know

Curt Bisquera (Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Elton John) demonstrates three basic fills that will improve every drummer's playing. This is one of over 300 "Secrets From the Pros" available on Drum Channel.


196 – Maximizing Simple Fills

Nate Morton, drummer on "The Voice" gives an example of how you can take a basic concept or pattern on the set, and maximize it. From Drum Channel's "Secrets From the Pros."


Developing New Patterns

Matt Garstka (Animals As Leaders) shares a few ideas on how to expand your phrasing and vocabulary to create your own unique ideas. Matt also has a show in Entertainment and an Artist Course.

Play Alongs – with Great Musicians


“Need Strange” | Chad Smith

This is one of the Bombastic Meatbats songs exclusively featured here on DC. Play along to it the way Chad would, and then play it adding your own flavor. New play alongs are added weekly....


“James Brown Funk” | Rick Latham

This play-along features a track Rick Latham played on for his Artist Course, "All About The Groove." Jam with Rick and his band in a groove that originated the funk genre....


“Maracatu” | Walfredo Reyes Jr.

Walfredo Reyes Jr. is currently the drummer for "Chicago." This is a Afro-Brazilian song entitled “Maracatu” off of Walfredo's album “WallyWorld.”...

Learn all Genres – Add to your Vocabulary


Traditional Jazz Ride Cymbal

Gregg Bissonette has been touring with Ringo Starr's All Starr Band for over 10 years. In this lesson, he breaks down a traditional Jazz ride cymbal pattern, often referred to as Spang Spang-A-Lang.


Rock N’ Roll (John Bonham)

Gregg Bissonette breaks down this simple and classic intro to "Rock N' Roll" by Led Zeppelin. You can expand your vocabulary in Gregg's 44 lesson Artist Track.


Rhythm Expansion with Alex Acuña

Alex Acuña (Weather Report, Elvis Presley) is a master drummer and percussionist. In this lesson, he shares how you can expand your rhythmic vocabulary as well as his daily practice routine.

Technique: Hands – Improve Your Speed


260 – Introduction to the Murray Spivack Method

Chad Wackerman (Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth) breaks down the methodology behind the teaching of the legendary Murray Spivack who taught Vinnie Colaiuta, Louis Bellson, Brooks Wackerman and others.


The 3-Stroke Ruff on Drum Set

Legendary educator, Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa), shows us how to apply the 3-stroke ruff to the drum set.  He demonstrates it starting on different beats, and at different subdivisions of the beat.

Technique: Feet – Single/Double Pedal


The Leg Stroke

Mike Packer is an instructor at the Los Angeles College of Music and shares valuable knowledge In his course "Foot Technique". This lesson opens the door to more advanced lessons on how to play with control.


53 – Single Pedal Singles and Doubles

Thomas Pridgen (The Mars Volta, Residente) explains how to properly achieve strong single and double strokes with a single kick pedal. This is one of over 300 lessons on "Secrets From the Pros."


149 – Bass Drum Speed

Marco Iannetta talks about how he developed his phenomenal foot technique and how you too can develop speed using his method. His 6 lessons are available in our Lesson Library of over 160 lessons.

Independence – Develop your Coordination


10 – Fills with Combined Rock Beats

This is the last lesson in Chad Smith’s course, “Basic Rock Drumming Chad’s Way.” You should start with Lesson 1 if you are a beginner. All 10 lessons are included in your subscription.


36 – Paradiddle Fills with Hands and Feet

Matt Halpern (Periphery) shows extended sticking patterns on the pad and combines these patterns on the set, creating fills by using various hand/foot combinations.


Hand & Foot Linear Coordination

Thomas Lang was voted "Best Drummer, Educator & Clinician" multiple times by the drumming community. This lesson shares some linear concepts he adapted. See Thomas's lessons and over 20 shows in Entertainment.

Rudimental Crash Course


Buzz Roll

This lesson introduces the idea of adding pressure to the fulcrum to create multiple bounce notes with each stroke. All 40 lessons from the "Rudimental Crash Course" are included in your subscription.



This is one of the most useful and well known rudiments that we as drummers can have in our arsenal. All 40 lessons from the "Rudimental Crash Course" are included in your subscription.


Flam Paradiddle

Let's take the classic paradiddle and add flams! All 40 lessons from the "Rudimental Crash Course" are included in your subscription.

Reading Music


4 – Quarter Notes and Rests in 4/4

Joe Porcaro is in the PAS Hall of Fame and is a legendary Studio Musician playing on over 1000 movies and recordings. He wrote the curriculum and is a teacher at the Los Angeles College of Music.


Playing Figures

In this lesson, Adam Kuns will show you how you can get started reading music and playing figures effectively with two basic grooves, jazz and rock. This is one of over 160 lessons from our "Live Lessons" library.


163 – Syncopation For The Set

Sit back and watch how famed studio drummer, Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) uses Ted Reed's "Syncopation" to practice his reading, styles, technique and coordination.

Play Cajon Now


257 – Basic Cajon Sounds

Pete Lockett is one of the most versatile multi-percussionists in the world and is regularly voted as a top percussionists in Modern Drummer. This lesson will show you the basic sounds and techniques.


266 – Intermediate Cajon Techniques

Paul Jennings (Jethro Tull) will now demonstrate some more intermediate techniques on the cajon once you have learned the basics. Check out his course "Learn to Play Cajon from Beginner to Advanced".


164 – Cajon As A Drumset

Mona Tavakoli has played with Jason Mraz and Raining Jane. In this lesson she breaks down some basic drum set patterns on the cajon and takes the cajon further than what is expected.

Learn Congas


The Eight Basic Tones

Alex Acuña (Weather Report, Elvis Presley) Introduces eight basic sounds you can play while learning the congas. This is one of 14 lessons from his course "Rudiments on Congas."


Using Latin Rhythms in a Pop Environment

Richie and Roland Gajate-Garcia show us various rhythms with different feels in a pop environment and discuss their approach to hybrid kits. This is one of over 100 lessons in our "Lesson Library."


Bata & Tumbao on Congas

Grammy nominated percussionist, Pedrito Martinez, shares one of Cuba's most cultural and sacred styles of drumming. Each bata rhythm is demonstrated both separately and together.


All Levels

1 – Learn How to Setup Your Drums

If you want to know everything about setting up your drums, "Jane's Addiction" drummer, Stephen Perkins, will guide you step by step to doing so.

All Levels

2 – Learn how to Tune Your Drums

Gregg currently tours with Ringo Starr and Is also one of the most in demand studio musicians in the the world. Gregg gives you some simple tips and tricks that will make you sound more professional.

All Levels

73 – Floor Tom Trick

Don Lombardi, founder of DW drums, demonstrates a VERY useful little drum trick he learned from Jim Keltner. You're going to want to check this one out!

Entertainment – Over 250 Shows

Chad Smith & Hal Blaine | Part 1

Chad Smith interviews the great Hal Blaine who graciously came to our DC studios to talk about his long and successful career, how The Wrecking Crew got their name, and also divulged a lot of wise information...

Drum Jams, Solos & Performances

Eric Moore & Pete Lockett Bonus Jam 2

Join us with a special performance from two incredible musicians who you wouldn’t imagine would play together, Eric Moore (Suicidal Tendencies) and Pete Lockett(Jeff Beck, Bjork). Together they share some...

Mike Mitchell Solo

Mike has played and recorded with a variety of todays tops artist including Stanley Clark, Kamasi Washington, Anderson Paak. and many more! Were excited to share this unbelievable solo mike took here at Drum...