Don’s Blog 5: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a time to give thanks and possibly get in a little extra practice. I tried to think of a way to thank you for supporting Drum Channel. It’s so important that we memorialize the greats and pass on their invaluable information, which is what you need to improve your playing. So, for five days you will get an additional 30% off the 20% you already get on store merchandise. We also just added sticks to the store. The discount code is THANKYOU50. You’ll get a separate email about that.

This could be a cool time to challenge your relatives and friends who always say they cannot play drums. Have them watch, “Basic Rock Beat #1,” with Val Sepulveda and Chad Smith. Then they can get behind your set.

Check out Siemy Di. You may not have heard of him, but he mixes cultures on the set and we have great lessons, jams and an interview with him this week.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!


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