Don’s Blog 4: Dare to Drum

Dare to Drum is the title of an amazing documentary film about a five percussionist ensemble known as “D’Drum,” who approached Stewart Copeland to see if he would write a concerto for them that would ultimately be performed by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. You think, no chance, but it happened. Stewart did it. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra did it. And Maestro Jaap Van Zweden conducted it.

Drum Channel had the privilege of being there from the beginning of the Dare to Drum project. It was an honor to help launch their Kickstarter fundraising drive and great to see their vision come full circle. Now, over three years later, the Dare to Drum documentary is available. The documentary looks at how the project came together and features the incredible 30-minute performance. You can purchase the streaming video, plus a bonus interview that we just did with Stewart, Chad Smith, Terry Bozzio, and John Bryant of D’Drum in the Drum Channel store. There are great behind-the-scenes stories and it’s a great hang with these giants.

DC members have will have access to the 4-part interview this week. Check out our schedule of upcoming shows.

We are also having a Stewart Copeland contest this month (through December 15th) where you can enter to win Stewart’s signature Paiste cymbal and Vater sticks, plus your own copy of the Dare to Drum streaming video and interview. Click here to learn more and for your chance to win: Dare to Drum

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