Don’s Blog 17: Nate Wood – fOUR

We had the incredible Nate Wood in for a live lesson this week. I hope you saw it. If not, the Live Lesson Rebroadcast will be on Drum Channel on Monday, April 29th at 3pm PST. Be sure to check it out. He plays drums, bass, keys and sings at the same time. He calls it Nate Wood – “fOUR”.

Also, you’ve got to check out Nate with his band, Kneebody, showing how they cue the band. It’s in “Entertainment,” under “DC Live.” Their communication with each other is incredible and something you might want to try with your band.

If you think you have a hard time scheduling practice, check out the inspirational interview with Angelo Pentaris, who being born with cerebral palsy defied all odds and was able to follow his passion in becoming a drummer and graduating from college.

There’s also some great information from Chad Wackerman. Stuff you only get from somebody who was taught by one of the best teacher’s in the world and turned out to be one of the best drummer’s in the world. He also has The Murray Spivack method on our site which is one of our most popular premium content courses. You’ll learn the way he and his brothers (and so many other great drummers) learned.


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