Don’s Blog 16: Chad Wackerman Live on DC

Chad Wackerman will be live at 6pm PDT on Wednesday, April 3rd. He will be answering questions about The Murray Spivack Method, one of our most popular courses that has improved the drumming of hundreds of students. Get into the live chat or email us at [email protected] to ask Chad questions. You can also include your phone number in your email, and if we have time during the show we will call you so you can ask Chad your question live on-air. Chad’s just off the road with James Taylor, filling in for Steve Gadd – quite a chair to fill. If you haven’t taken his course yet, check out his Paradiddle Lesson on Monday. It’s a different way to approach it.

Next week we have Fausto Cuevas, incredible percussionist with Stevie Wonder, and the following week we have the unbelievable Nate Wood. Don’t miss it!

Let us know who else you want to see on Drum Channel.


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