Don’s Blog 10: Happy New Year

The New Year is bringing some fun new projects to Drum Channel. I’ll tell you about them over the next few weeks.

The short Q & A’s we have between artists brings up some cool questions. This week we have Gregg Bissonette asking JR Robinson about a track he played on. And next week JR turns it around and asks Gregg about something he did. It’s interesting for me to see some of the best drummers in the world get excited to ask each other questions, and of course we are all excited to hear their answers.

You may not have heard of Peter Szendofi. Neither had I. But he is a drum teacher from Hungary who has taught many great drummers, including Gabor Dornyei, and is one of the most respected drum teachers in Europe. We will be sharing his information with you in the coming weeks.

Next week starts a series of interviews with Gregg Bissonette, JR Robinson and Jimmy Branly on the couch and from behind their drumsets. I’ll fill you in more on Monday.

Happy New Year!


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