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Zigaboo: The Originator Of New Orleans Funky Drumming – 10 Lessons and Documentary in 4 parts

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Joseph “Zigaboo” Modeliste was recognized with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and his recordings with The Meters are legendary. He breaks down, discusses and demonstrates the essence of his feel and his grooves that made the New Orleans second line funk drumming sound. Being funky is one of the biggest compliments a drummer can receive and Zig is the master. In addition, the documentary portion will be one of the most important lessons of your drumming career. “Zig changes your life when you hear him play, you are never the same again.” – Jim Keltner “Zig is the originator of New Orleans style drumming, he is my hero.” – Jonathan Moffett “Zig has been an enormous influence to me in developing my style.” – Stanton Moore “I learned my New Orleans funky drumming style from Zigaboo.” – Herlin Riley “All it takes is one bar and you know it’s Zig, What and influence, What a hero.” – Gregg Bissonette “His Soul-fullness and dignity come through when he speaks, as well as when he plays.” – Terry Bozzio “Hearing Zig with The Meters sent my drumming off in another direction. He was from the future doing 4 limb coordination but with the funk!” – David Garibaldi
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