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Rhythm 3

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In Rhythm 3, Terry goes through the different mixed sticking permutations in both the triple and duple realm. He demonstrates the stickings in six different ways: hands only, feet only, right side, left side, and then crossing with right hand/left foot and left hand/right foot. Terry begins these patterns slowly and then builds speed, which is the key to developing these permutations appropriately. When you finish Rhythm 3, you will have a firm grasp on all the different mixed stickings that you can apply in both duples and triples. Whether it is only hand to hand, or going between your right hand and left foot, you will have a fresh perspective from which to approach mixed sticking patterns on the kit. Watch the preview and see full list of lessons.  If you’re struggling through some of the exercises, don’t worry. As you’ll see in these lessons, Terry has a few times where he is struggling himself.
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