Don’s Blog 1: Chad, Eric and Pete

Had a fun trip to Detroit to meet Chad’s mom, and hang with him and his brother. It was a great way to get inside stories on what Chad was like in his early years. We also cleared up some questions while we were there. We found out if his name is Chad or Chadwick (as reported in his bio), how good of a shot he was with a bb gun and what got him expelled from school. We also learned about his first job and why he got fired from The Gap.

Within the craziness is a great message that Chad wants to share about following your passion and perseverance. It’s pretty much the story of his life, ending with Chad inviting us to stand right behind his drum set on stage at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. You’ll hear the full audio mix, and then another version with just audio from the camera, as heard from where we were standing. It’s a great demonstration of how Chad plays and is one of the reasons why the band sounds so great.

Eric Moore and Pete Lockett would seem to go together like large shrimp. When Pete said he wanted to play with Eric, and then Eric said he wanted to play with Pete, it wasn’t a duo that I would’ve expected on Drum Channel but they couldn’t have been better together. Pete, right in his comfort zone and Eric playing musically and melodically with technique thrown in was icing on the cake. Their interview and three drum jams are a great lesson.

With something new every day on Drum Channel, you’ll also get a great lesson from Adam Kuns. Plus, our new podcast every Thursday. And don’t miss our last Zigabeats. (Be sure to work on all six.) They’re only a few beats long, but they are a big addition to your drumming vocabulary.


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