2018 Content Sponsorships

mutually-beneficial cross-promotion of artists, products and brands in educational content.

  • Greater reach at a lower CPM than a traditional drum clinic or tour
  • Increased longevity online and on multiple social channels
  • Higher educational impact and influence of video
  • Ability to simultaneously support multiple artists

Drum Channel-produced Lesson/Show featuring sponsor’s artist/endorser:

  • Performance of original tracks
  • Lesson breakdown of drum parts
  • Downloadable transcription
  • Q&A Segment
  • “In-Read” Product Placement/Demo
  • Giveaway Contest
  • Vanity URL to unique landing page

Drum Channel Provides:

  • Pre-Show promotion via DC Promo Pack to artist, sponsors, media and DC socials
  • Coverage in DC Newsletter
  • DC pre-show on Facebook
  • DC show on Drum Channel and Facebook (then archived on DC)
    • Sponsor Credit
    • Product Demo
    • Giveaway Contest
  • Show/Contest available to DC members and subscribers
    • 728x90 and/or 300x250 banner ad
  • Post-Show clips on YouTube
  • Post-Show promotion

Sponsor Provides:

  • $2500/Month (See introductory offer)
  • Product for Giveaways
  • Shared Promotional Support via Sponsor's social media

Introductory Special $1500/Month (3 Month Minimum)

Drumchannel.com = 50,000 pageviews per month
DC Facebook = 154,000 followers · DC Facebook Live = 25,000 reached
DC Instagram = 25,000 followers · DC YouTube = 75,000 Subscribers
DC Twitter = 54,000
DC Newsletter = 20,000 subscribers

For further information contact Eric Frank at [email protected] · 866-439-7924 ext 3