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Out of Time
Narada Michael Walden

"Out of Time" is Volume 1 of the drum instructional video series by Grammy and Emmy award winning producer, songwriter and drummer Narada Michael Walden.

Narada explores his different styles of drumming odd meter and gives us examples in the studio, as well as live. This DVD contains instructional chapters, charts, interviews and play-along audio, as well as history and other bonus material. Running time: 66 minutes.

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Acuna-Hoff-Mathisen Trio in Concert
Alex Acuna, Per Mathisen and Jan Gunnar Hoff

Alex Acuna joins with accomplished musicians Per Mathisen and Jan Gunnar Hoff to perform in a Jazz trio that has Alex saying, "I haven't felt this way since I played with Weather Report."

Here's what Terry Bozzio has to say about the Acuna-Hoff-Mathison Trio: "I was party to this improvisation here at Drum Channel and was transported to a place of excitement, joy and awe as I listened to it all go down. I don’t think I have heard anything this wonderful since Weather Report disbanded & Joe Zawinul passed on. First of all the musicianship was beyond most experiences I have seen or heard. Secondly, they all excel at Orchestrational Scope, each has a wide variety of high quality sounds, colors & textures at his disposal. I truly envied Alex for having this vehicle to express himself in! But he, more than anyone else, deserves it, as a rightful heir to the Weather Report Legacy! And he does it better than anyone could! His touch, feel, choices, musicality and ideas are of the highest level. Flanked by two Norwegian geniuses Jan Gunner Hoff & Per Mathisen, Acuna has assembled a World Class Performing Trio that will soon captivate audiences everywhere with cutting edge, yet accessible new music that draws the listener in & affects a transcendent experience."

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Up Close
Buddy Rich

See and Hear the Master at Work! Classic Buddy Rich tunes performed live in 1982. Never-before released, includes special audio tracks.

The technique, musicality, intensity, and dedication that Buddy brings to music he plays leave many saying: "He is the greatest drummer in the world - a genius - there will never be another Buddy Rich." In 1982, Buddy did three shows over three days as a pilot for a jazz television series with guests Mel Tormé, Gerry Mulligan, Woody Herman, Ray Charles, Anita O' Day, Stan Getz, and Lionel Hampton.
This DVD spotlights six of Buddy's classic tunes that he played with the band during that show. We re-edited these tunes to focus every possible camera on Buddy throughout the entire tune, so you'll see the "master at work" at all times.
Not only do you get the standard audio mix, you get an additional two audio mixes: one with the band hot so you can play along, with Buddy in the background; the other with Buddy hot so you can hear the nuances in his time, feel, and technique. Buddy's playing is unique; he plays not just with his hands and feet, but also with every fiber of his being.

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The Time Machine
John JR Robinson

John JR Robinson has played on records that have sold well over 300 million copies. His concept of time, feel, groove and style has earned him the title of "The Time Machine."

When Quincy Jones says you are his favorite drummer, you are in a class of your own. The elements that are the most important part of a drummer's career are explained in detail along with cameo appearances by Quincy Jones, David Foster, Abe Laboriel Sr., Luis Conte and John's band Native Son, featuring Michael Thompson, Bobby Watson, Morris Pleasure and Greg Mathieson.

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Gannin Arnold Project: 5 World Class Drummers
Gannin Arnold

Taylor Hawkins * Gary Novak * Simon Phillips * Terry Bozzio * Jimmy Chamberlin. Learn how they interpret the same song, and how they each contribute a different dynamic.

The Gannin Arnold Project: 5-World Class Drummers is one of the most unique, entertaining and educational DVDs to ever be produced. It features Taylor Hawkins, Jimmy Chamberlin, Simon Phillips, Terry Bozzio and Gary Novak, along with Billy Mohler on Guitar/Bass and Tim Landers on Bass. Gannin has the respect of these world class drummers and the music industry for his abilities as a performer and writer. All the drummers play on “Not From Here” and there is a special up close edit of that song showing the overhead and foot on the drummer through the entire tune. The 2 DVD set includes interviews by the drummers and 19 amazing band performances.

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Everything I Know, A Work in Progress
Peter Erskine

Says Neil Peart: "A master drummer and educator, Peter is an amiable guru of deep wisdom and infectious enthusiasm."

Peter Erskine: Everything I know, A Work in Progress is a collection of lessons by Peter Erskine, Professor of Practice & Director of Drumset Studies Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California. This package contains 2 DVDs and a lifetime of playing experience. Recorded in the comfortable environment of the studio, accompanied by three of Peter's favorite musicians and produced by music industry and pedagogical inspiration Don Lombardi, these lessons capture Peter at his teaching best. Short of being a private student of Peter's, with a year or more's worth of lessons, these 2 DVDs will teach and entertain you.

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Hands * Feet * Mind * Soul
Stephen Perkins

Analysis and breakdown of 11 classic Jane's Addiction songs.

Jane's Addiction, pioneered by Stephen Perkins, Perry Farrell, Eric Avery, and Dave Navarro, created an era of music often referred to as Alternative Rock. Their Music is an amalgamation of styles that is as unique, spirited and relevant now as it was when they created it. The goal of this DVD is to add new beats to your drumming vocabulary. Stephen will show you how he plays his classic drum parts, explain why he chose to play them, and how they set the foundation for the song. That knowledge is often what defines good drummers from the great drummers.

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Fire on Ice, The Making of "The Hockey Theme"
Neil Peart:

A behind the scenes look into one of the most iconic themes in sports history.

Neil Peart gives a behind the scenes tour of the making of “The Hockey Theme”. Canada's TSN (The Sports Network) decided to recreate the hockey theme; they wanted to use iconic Canadians to help in the revisal. The Hockey theme is recognized as Canada's second national anthem so when they decided to recreate it, they wanted to use the best, and the first person that came to mind was Rush drummer, Neil Peart. Neil also discusses a custom drum kit made by DW Drums with all of the different hockey team logos on it.

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The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr.
Tony Royster Jr.

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Tony Royster Jr. has evolved. From a world-renown child prodigy to high-profile professional touring drummer. Tony continues to stretch boundaries and break barriers with his seemingly effortless chops and creativity. Join Tony on his evolutional journey as he performs with mentor, Dennis Chambers, drumming legend Terry Bozzio and his latest project ASAP.

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The Art of Jazz Rock Drumming
Danny Seraphine

Classic fills and grooves by the man who created them.

As a founding member of the rock band "Chicago", Danny has pioneered the style of Jazz Rock Drumming. Danny takes you back to the city of Chicago where he and his band created history. Concert and training are both included in this amazing DVD. Danny toured the United States in November with this new DVD and his autobiography Street Player: My Chicago Story.

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