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Show Thumbnail 8 Stops 7 Band Performance

A new band on the way up uses the DC Studio to produce their EPK. We are sharing their music with you.
Show Thumbnail Thomas Pridgen with The Memorials

Thomas is on the road doing it his way with The Memorials - all outstanding musicians. They perform live at the DC Studios, along with a live chat interview. The Memorials are Thomas Pridgen, Viveca Hawkins and Nick Brewer.
Show Thumbnail Chad Smith with Outernational

Chad is back with the New York based band Outernational, who are on the verge of doing big things. Meet the band members, learn how they hooked up with Chad, and how they need a drummer.
Show Thumbnail Ambrosia with Burleigh Drummond

Burleigh Drummond, Joe Puerta, Christopher North and David Cutler-Lewis of Ambrosia grace the DC Studios and play their classic hits.  Includes interview with band members.
AAF Alien Ant Farm with Mike Cosgrove

The original members Mike Cosgrove, Dryden Mitchell, Terry Corso and Tye Zamora of Alien Ant Farm come together to kick off their long tour on Drum Channel.
AAF John JR Robinson with Native Son (with 5-UP DC Player) *FREE*

JR Robinson, "The Most Recorded Drummer in History," and his band Native Son graced the DC studios with a live interview and performance.
AAF Brooks Wackerman with Kidneys (with 5-UP DC Player) *FREE**

Brooks Wackerman of Bad Religion plays guitar and sings in his band Kidneys, with Todd Hennig (Death By Stereo) on drums and Jon Spiker (Tenacious D, Filter) on bass in this DC LIVE rebroadcast. Band performs and answers questions in a live chat interview.
AAF Frank Zummo, Adam Alt & Bobby Alt of Street Drum Corps (with 5-UP DC Player) *FREE*

Trash rockers Frank Zummo, Bobby Alt and Adam Alt of Street Drum Corps get loud in the DC Studio with a performance and interview with Host Terry Bozzio.
Show Thumbnail Mike Cosgrove with Mystery Schools

Mike Cosgrove of Alien Ant Farm brings his band Mystery Schools to the DC Studio for an excellent performance and entertaining interview with the band.
Show Thumbnail Gannin Arnold - Parts 1-3

Gannin has brought together for this special show a killer line-up of musicians which include fellow Coattail Riders members Taylor Hawkins on drums and Chris Chaney on bass, together with Foo Fighters and Joe Walsh percussionist Drew Hester. Includes interview hosted by Terry Bozzio.
Show Thumbnail Blair Sinta with Pedestrian

Host Curt Bisquera sits down with drummer Blair Sinta and the members of Pedestrian, Joel Shearer (vocals, guitars) Zac Rae (keyboards, guitars) and Joe Kames (bass). Exclusive interview and the guys play a number of their songs - old and new!
Show Thumbnail Marko Djordjevic, Damian Erskine & Jeff Ellwood of SVETI

SVETI performs and Host John Hernandez(Oingo Boingo) joins Marko Djordjevic, Damian Erskine and Jeff Ellwood for an interview.
Show Thumbnail The Janks with Host Burleigh Drummond

The JANKS are a multi-talented musical force from Los Angeles, California with a modern innovative and highly original sound. The band has organic and infectiously catchy songs that are quickly gaining national attention.
Show Thumbnail Run Through the Desert (Chris Cornell's Bandmates) featuring Jason Sutter with Host by Curt Bisquera

See drummer Jason Sutter and his bandmates of Run Through the Desert perform ~ hosted by Curt Bisquera.Run Through the Desert is a rock n' roll machine that is driven by Yogi Lonich's guitar and vocals, Corey McCormick's bass and backup vocals and Jason Sutter's drums.
Show Thumbnail Hannah Ford with Pandorum - Parts 1-3

Hannah is serious about drumming and what it takes to make it a career. With host Terry Bozzio, this show also includes additional interviews with the band members, Hannah, and her Manager/Father Dave Ford.
Show Thumbnail Ralph Humphrey with Babaghanoush

Ralph performs with the Greek-inspired Jazz ensemble Babaghanoush. This three part DC Band Concert features guitarist Jimmy Mahlis on guitar, Jerry Watts on bass and Andy Suzuki on Saxophone.
Show Thumbnail Chad Wackerman Trio - Live at Vitello's

From his classic work with Frank Zappa to touring with James Taylor, Chad does it all and is on fire in this DC Show with his own trio. This concert celebrates the release of his first DVD, Chad Wackerman Trio – Hits Live available in the DC Store.

Thumbnail Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats at the Baked Potato

Drum Channel goes on location to the Baked Potato in Studio City, California where Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats were performing. This is a rebroadcast of the event.
Thumbnail Peter Erskine Quartet Concert

Peter Erskine of Weather Report is joined in the Drum Channel Studios by Alan Pasqua on piano, Bob Sheppard on saxophone and Darek Oles on bass.

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