Colin Bailey Master Class: Bass Drum Technique

Colin Bailey's legendary book Bass Drum Control has sold over 50,000 copies.  Now for the first time Colin explains his amazing technique on the critical principles of Speed, Control and Endurance.

Beginner to Advanced, 11 drum lessons, 1 hour 43 minutes.  This masterclass is also available as a DVD.

Here's what three world-renowned educators have to say:

"Colin Bailey has the best bass drum foot in drumming, and he possesses the best understanding of how to teach the art of playing the bass drum. Colin has the keys to the kingdom as well as Pandora's Box when it comes to unleashing the power, speed and control of the bass drum-playing foot.  His book is one of the best drum set books ever written and is a classic... I use it with all of my students at USC. Every drummer can benefit from his knowledge and his method.  He has my highest admiration."

"I used Colin Bailey's Bass Drum Control book to develop my SINGLE bass drum playing and DOUBLE bass drum playing. I had the good fortune to get together with Colin and have him show me some of his insights into bass drum pedal technique and found it to be very useful."

"I HIGHLY recommend this DVD to ANYONE serious about bass drum technique. I had first hand experience as Colin took me through his great book years ago as his student!"


The individual lessons are listed below, and the masterclass includes a downloadable E-Book of exercises.  Colin's masterclass is also available as a DVD with additional special features in the DC Store. Click here for more info.


Lesson 2 - 16th Note Exercises

Lesson 3 - 16th Note Double Beats

Lesson 4 - Foot Speed Control Development

Lesson 5 - 16th Note Triple Beats

Lesson 6 - 16th Note Quadruple Beats

Lesson 7 - Groups of 5 & 6 Beats

Lesson 8 - Groups of 7 & 8

Lesson 9 - Endurance Exercises

Lesson 10 - 16th Note Patterns

Lesson 11 - Combination Triplets