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Basic Exercises For Indpendence & Coordination

Thomas Lang

This is Thomas Lang's exercise for developing the fundamentals of independence. This does not require a drum set!

Heel-Toe Technique

Instructor: Cobus Potgieter

Cobus demonstrates how to properly engage the foot to use the heel toe technique with even strokes.

Moving Around the Kit

Instructor: Chester Thompson

Chester demonstrates ways that you can moving efficiently and quickly around the kit using single strokes and paradiddles.

Band Performance

Abe Laboriel Jr.

Enjoy this performance of Abe Laboriel Jr. with his band of incredible musicians.

Basic Bell Patterns

Karl demonstrates a few basic patterns to get you started sounding authentic while playing latin and afro-cuban styles.

 This Week

All times PST

Monday: 11/27 at 6pm

Jazz Ride Cymbal

Mike Clark

The ride cymbal is central to the time when playing Jazz. Mike will share some tips on ways that you can use your ride cymbal to clearly mark the time for the band.

Tuesday: 11/28 at 6pm

Live Lesson Rebroadcast

Instructor: George Marsh

George Marsh explains the fundamentals and the beginnings of his Inner Drumming method. It will improve your flow immensely.

Wednesday: 11/29 at 5pm

Interview with Terry Gibbs

Host: Don Lombardi

Terry Gibbs discusses what makes a drummer great and drummers you should listen to. He also talks about his idols, Jo Jones and Buddy Rich.

Thursday: 11/30 at 6pm

Cobus Live with Danno Petersen

Host: Cobus Potgieter

Cobus sits down and interviews Danno Petersen and his father. Danno is a young drummer from South Africa who at age 14 is already a great musician.

Friday: 12/1 at 6pm

Fills Around the Kit

JR Robinson is the most recorded drummer in history. He has played with legends like Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, and Quincy Jones.