Last Week

Live Lesson Rebroadcast

Instructor: Dave Elitch

Missed the live lesson? Watch it anytime from our archive instead!

Dynamics and Speed

Instructor: John "Vatos" Hernandez

John “Vatos” Hernandez was the driving force behind Oingo Boingo he mastered playing fast and loud, while staying relaxed.

Live Lesson

Instructor: Adam Kuns

Adam will be covering and reviewing some of the concepts form the last several live lessons and Secrets From the Pros.

Marco Iannetta Interview

Host: Don Lombardi

Ideas you have never thought about, double pedal, double hi-hat and cajon pedals... Wild sounds with some even wilder technique.

Paradiddles in Odd Times

Instructor: Joey Peebles

Joey Peebles from Trombone Shorty demonstrates paradiddles in odd times with Swiss Army triplets and a secret to a great rock beat.

 This Week

All times PST

Monday: 3/27 at 6pm

Live Lesson Rebroadcast

Instructor: Adam Kuns

Adam reviews concepts covered in Raul Pineda’s, Joey Peebles’ and Mike Clark’s recent lessons.

Tuesday: 3/28 at 6pm

Rick Latham Interview

Host: Don Lombardi

Rick talks about his legendary book Advanced Funk Studies and his linear concepts.

Wednesday: 3/29 at 5pm

Cobus Live with Danno Peterson

Host: Cobus Potgieter

Growing up in South Africa, Danno at 14 is an amazing musician. He will be performing with his band and answering questions live.

Thursday: 3/30 at 6pm

Chad Smith Show with Abe Laboriel Jr.

*Featured Show*

Abe Laboriel Jr. jams with Chad along with discussing details about what its like to be in Paul McCartney’s band for 13 years.

Friday: 3/31 at 6pm

Flow with Fills

Instructor: Rick Latham

Rick discusses how you should choose fills that fit within the song.