Last Week

Live Lesson Rebroadcast

Instructor: George Marsh

George Marsh explains the fundamentals and the beginnings of his Inner Drumming method. It will improve your flow immensely.

Groove From "Actual Proof"

Instructor: Mike Clark

This is one of the most iconic grooves form Herbie Hancock's "Thrust" album. This groove has been played by many, but learn it from the originator!

Live Lesson

Instructor: Virgil Donati & Thomas Lang

Don't miss out this Wednesday, and tune in at 5pm PST to see two virtuosic masters of the drum set teach, perform, and answer your questions.

Mike Clark Drum Solo

Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock)

While filming his Drum Channel course, Mike Clark took some time to blow off some steam and perform a free solo for you. Check it out!

Groove From "Spank-A-Lee"

Instructor: Mike Clark

This groove has been sampled many times and follows a relatively simple pattern. Mike will show you the intricacies that make this groove special.

 This Week

All times PST

Monday: 5/22 at 6pm

Live Lesson Rebroadcast

Thomas Lang & Virgil Donati

Thomas Lang and Virgil Donati will blow your mind with their playing, and offer you valuable insights with their answers.

Tuesday: 5/23 at 6pm

Groove From "Butterfly"

Instructor: Mike Clark

Learn the intricate patterns and details of this groove from Herbie Hancock's iconic "Thrust" album.

Wednesday: 5/24 at 5pm

Snare Drum Ghost Notes

Instructor: Jim Riley

Jim Riley offers some insight on how to play and use ghost notes effectively in your playing.

Thursday: 5/25 at 6pm

Preparing for a Recording

Cobus Potgieter

Cobus answers a common question he receives regarding his recording techniques and how he prepares for a session.

Friday: 5/26 at 6pm

Thomas Lang, Chris Coleman, and Virgil Donati Jam

In anticipation of Thomas Lang's upcoming Big Drum Bonanza, here is a look back at a memorable drum jam featuring outstanding musicians.