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Birth: December 28, 1948
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana


The Meters, Third Rail, The Wild Tchoupitoulas, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey, Robert Palmer, Keith Richards, Aaron Neville, Professor Longhair, John Fogerty, Harry Connick Jr., Chris Rossbach, Patti Labelle


Genres: Funk, R&B, Blues
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician



Joseph Modeliste, better known as 'Zigaboo' or even just 'Ziggy,' is uniformly acclaimed as one of the absolute best drummers of funk, pop, and hip-hop music. Even when Zigaboo Modeliste took a hiatus from music for the better part of the 1980s, upcoming hip-hop artists used his rhythms in their music.

Zigaboo Modeliste is best known for performing with The Meters for more than twenty years. Although The Meters never achieved huge commercial success, they are considered the seminal funk band. The band, Art Neville, Aaron Neville, Leo Nocentelle, George Porter Jr., Zigaboo Modeliste, and, later, Cyril Neville, played with many significant acts, including Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones. The band released more than 35 albums around the world. With The Meters, Zigaboo Modeliste wrote more than 200 songs.

Artists such as Musiq, Queen Latifah, Run DMC, NWA, Ice Cube, Salt N' Pepa, Cypress Hill, EPMD, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Naughty by Nature, Tweet, Young Gunz, and Amerie, sampled Ziggy's beats in their music. Amerie's "1 Thing," nominated for 2 Grammy awards and topping the R&B charts in 2005, featured Ziggy's drum sound from the 1970 recording "Oh, Calcutta!" in the main loop.

Ziggy's first solo album, Zigaboo.com, released in 2000, was well-received as an outstanding comeback album. In 2004, he released another solo album, I'm on the Right Track, featuring Dr. John and Bernie Worrell. The Meters reunited in 2004 and performed around the U.S. Prior to a New York performance, The New Yorker wrote, "Anyone who cares about funk, drumming, or funky drumming will see this event as only slightly less earthshaking than James Brown, at this late date, getting another, equally new bag."


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1969 Meters The Meters
1970 Look-Ka Py Py The Meters
1970 Struttin' The Meters
1972 Cabbage Alley The Meters
1972 Life, Love and Faith Allen Toussaint
1973 In the Right Place Dr. John
1974 Cissy Strut The Meters
1974 Desitively Bonnaroo Dr. John
1974 Jess Roden Jess Roden Band
1974 King Biscuit Boy King Biscuit Boy
1974 Rejuvenation The Meters
1975 Best of the Meters The Meters
1975 Fire on the Bayou The Meters
1975 Southern Nights Allen Toussaint
1976 Trick Bag The Meters
1976 Wild Tchoupitoulas The Wild Tchoupitoulas
1977 New Directions The Meters
1979 Troublemaker Ian McLagan
1984 R.I.P.: The Roir Sessions Richard Hell
1986 Atlantic Blues Various Artists
1987 House Party New Orleans Style Professor Longhair
1987 Mardi Gras in New Orleans Various Artists
1987 Ultimate Dr. John Dr. John
1988 Kristen Vigard Kristen Vigard
1990 Good Old Funky Music The Meters
1990 Look-Ka Py Py The Meters
1991 Mardi Gras in Baton Rouge Professor Longhair
1991 Mardi Gras Party Various Artists
1991 New York Rockers Various Artists
1991 Storyville Robbie Robertson
1991 I Wish My Brother George Was Here Same Olí Thing
1992 Addictions, Vol. 2 Robert Palmer
1992 Meters Jam The Meters
1992 Uptown Rulers: The Meters Live on the Queen Mary The Meters
1992 The Original Funkmasters The Meters
1993 Ekstasis Nicky Skopelitis
1993 Fess: The Professor Longhair Anthology Professor Longhair
1993 Manifestation: Axiom Collection II Various Artists
1993 Mos' Scocious: Anthology Dr. John
1993 Plus from Us Various Artists
1993 When My Heart Finds Christmas Harry Connick, Jr.
1993 Ekstasis Tarab, Ghost of a Chan...
1994 Analog Travelog Rhythmtown Jive
1994 She Harry Connick, Jr.
1995 Funkcronomicon Axiom Funk
1995 Funkify Your Life: The Meters Anthology The Meters
1995 Louisiana Spice Various Artists
1996 Crescent City Soul: The Sound of New Orleans Various Artists
1997 South Delta Space Age Third Rail
2000 Zigaboo.Com Zigaboo Modeliste
2000 Rejuvenation (Reissue) The Meters
2000 The Funk Box Just Kissed My Baby
2001 Queen of Tulepo Patrick Weathers
2001 Ultimate Collection Aaron Neville
2001 Fire On The Bayou The Meters
2001 Look-Ka Py Py The Meters
2001 New Directions All I Do Every Day (Pr...
2001 Rejuvenation The Meters
2001 Super Mann / Yellow Fever Hey Pocky A-Way
2002 Best of Both Worlds: The Robert Palmer Anthology Robert Palmer
2002 Funk Drops 2 Various Artists
2002 Slideways Roy Rogers
2002 Time Richard Hell
2004 Complete Warner Recordings Allen Toussaint
2004 Doctors, Professors, Kings and Queens: The Big Ol' Box of New Orleans Various Artists
2005 Po'k Bones and Rice Sam & the Soul Machine
2006 Troublemaker/Bump in the Night Ian McLagan
2007 (R)evolucion Jose Conde/Ola Fresca
2007 Goin' Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino Various Artists
2007 Mocambo Funk Forty Fives Various Artists


  • "Zigaboo Modeliste is one of the greatest drummers in the history of pop music." -The New Yorker
  • Ziggy lives in Berkeley, California.

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Sabian
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Heads: Evans
Sticks: Vic Firth

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