Basic Background Info

Birth: September 13, 1965
Location: London, England
Band: The Who, Oasis
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


The son of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, eight-year-old Zak Starkey was enamored with Alice Cooper’s stage comedy and horror show. Two years later, Zak Starkey taught himself to play the drums with only one lesson from his famous father. Ringo reportedly never wanted Zak to be a professional drummer.

As a teenager, Zak Starkey played the pub circuit with local bands, pounding away on his drums reminiscent of his father’s friend, Keith Moon of The Who. After getting kicked out of his house and dropping out of school, Zak Starkey worked at the Hard Rock Café and played with a new incarnation of the Spencer Davis Group.

Zak Starkey recorded Wind in the Willows with Eddie Hardin in 1985 before gaining fame and popularity as a studio drummer. Zak Starkey worked with Icicle Works, the Waterboys, and the Lightning Seeds.

After touring with Roger Daltrey on his Daltrey Sings Townsend tour in 1994, Zak Starkey joined The Who in 1996 for their Quadrophenia tour. Critics hailed Zak Starkey’s performances and applauded him for not blindly mimicking Moon’s style. Zak Starkey has played live and in the studio with The Who. Though he was invited to join the band, he is still has not accepted official membership.  

And in 2004, Zak Starkey unofficially joined Oasis to replacing Alan White. Zak Starkey recorded on Don’t Believe the Truth, toured supporting the album, and recorded on their yet-unreleased seventh album. In May of 2008, it was rumored that Zak had left Oasis.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1985 Sun City: Artists United Against Apartheid Various Artists
1987 Indestructable Michael d'Abo
1989 Silver and Gold A.S.A.P.
1992 Back Where I Belong Tony Martin
1993 Powerbill The Semantics
1994 Live from Montreux, Vol. 2 Ringo Starr
1996 Rock John Entwistle
1997 Among Us Simon Townshend
1997 Wizard's Convention, Vol. 2 Eddie Hardin
1998 Who's Serious: The Symphonic Music of the Who London Philharmonic Orchestra & Peter Sc
1998 Whole of the Moon: The Music of the Waterboys & Mike Scott The Waterboys & Mike Scott
1998 Wind in the Willows: A Rock Concert Eddie Hardin
1999 British Rock Symphony Various Artists
1999 Tilt The Lightning Seeds
1999 Vegas Job: Reunion Concert Live in Vegas The Who
2000 People on the Highway: A Bert Jansch Encomium Various Artists
2001 Anthology...So Far Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band
2001 Concert for New York City Various Artists
2001 Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band: The Anthology Ringo Starr
2001 Substitute: The Songs of the Who Various Artists
2002 Home/In My Time Mike Hurst
2002 Wind in the Willows: A Rock Concert Eddie Hardin
2003 Boomslang Johnny Marr & the Healers
2003 Live at the Royal Albert Hall The Who
2004 Astoria Memorial Concert 2001 Steve Marriott
2004 First Singles Box The Who
2004 Handbags and Gladrags: The Mike D'Abo Songbook Michael d'Abo
2004 Moonlighting: The Anthology Roger Daltrey
2004 Then and Now: 1964-2004 The Who
2004 Who Live in Boston The Who
2005 Don't Believe the Truth Oasis
2005 Importance of Being Idle Oasis
2005 Let There Be Love Oasis
2005 So Who's the Bass Player: The Ox Anthology John Entwistle
2005 Tommy and Quadrophenia: Live The Who
2006 Don't Believe the Truth Oasis
2006 Endless Wire The Who
2006 Gold Roger Daltrey
2006 Live at Abbey Road Tony Ashton
2006 One More Time for the Old Tosser Steve Marriott
2006 Quadrophenia Live The Who
2007 Then & Now The Who
2008 Dig Out Your Soul Oasis


  • Zak donated bone marrow to his mother, Maureen Cox, during her battle with leukemia. She died in 1994.

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Sticks: Zildjian

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