Basic Background Info

Birth: March 24
Location: Unknown
Band: My Ruin, Chris Caffery, The Creins
Genres: Heavy Metal, World, Hip Hop
Instruments: Drums, Percussion
Occupation: Musician


Independent drummer Yael Benzaken started playing drums in New York City as a teenager while delivering pizzas. Yael Benzaken assumes she probably wanted to play drums as a baby, but remembers seeing a drummer perform when she was around the age of five and being completely awestruck. Yael Benzaken received her first toy drum kit at the age of six and a real kit when she was about thirteen.

After Yael Benzaken joined Meanstreak in 1990, they performed with Motorhead, Iron Maiden, King Diamond, and Anthrax. During Lollapalooza, Yael Benzaken performed with members of Arrested Development, Alice in Chains, and Fishbone.

Yael Benzaken started to withdraw from heavy metal and began experimenting with both world music and hip hop. During this phase of her musical journey, Yael played with the band 1stborn7. They recorded several tracks, and the song 'One Love' was released with the Italian film Amorrato. Yael Benzaken also worked with experimental projects Swo Co and Drain NYC, which later became Tung.

After those projects fizzled out, Yael Benzaken headed to Los Angeles and then joined My Ruin in 2000. After touring the United States and the United Kingdom, My Ruin released their first live album.

Following her departure from My Ruin in 2005, Yael Benzaken devoted herself to independent work until she started working with bassist Colin Wolfe. Yael Benzaken and Wolfe eventually created The Creins and recorded several tracks. In 2006, Yael toured with Johnny Chow and the Davey Brothers. Yael Benzaken also recorded with Chris Caffery on his debut solo album, Pins and Needles.

Passionate and creative with her art, Yael Benzaken has been working on various projects, including her DVD documentary DrumAddict Inc. (which is scheduled for release in 2008), and she has been working closely with Drum Channel.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
2003 The Horror of Beauty My Ruin
2005 To Britain With Love... And Bruises My Ruin
2005 Brutal Language of Being in Love My Ruin
2007 Pins and Needles Chris Caffery


  • In addition to drumming, Yael is also credited with writing songs for My Ruin.
  • Yael's name came from a character in a book her mother was reading to her older sister. While her mother was pregnant with Yael, her three-year-old sister pointed to her mother's belly and said, 'YAA ELL.'

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Latin Percussion
Sticks: Regal Tip

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