Basic Background Info

Birth: July 27, 1951
Location: California
Band: Chicago, Al Jarreau, Kenny Loggins, Honk, Other Half
Genres: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk
Instruments: Drums, Harmonica
Occupation: Author, Composer, Teacher, Clinician


When Tris Imboden saw a marching band perform at the age of five, he was inspired to take up the drums. Growing up, Imboden played in various Orange County surf bands, Tris Imboden eventually became a part of local favorite Other Half. After high school, Tris Imboden joined Honk, whose sound encompassed jazz, rock, and folk. 

Tris Imboden began a twelve year stint working for Kenny Loggins in 1977, and, following that, he drummed for Al Jarreau. He used those years to both improve his drumming skills and cement his reputation as a versatile drummer. As such, he was able lay down extraordinary beats, both live and in the studio, with notable musicians across many genres including Julio Iglesias, Stevie Wonder, Neil Diamond, Brian Wilson, Roger Daltry, and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

In 1990, Tris Imboden joined the classic rock band Chicago. Though his commitment to the band takes up much of his time, Tris Imboden still produces, writes songs, conducts workshops and clinics, and does session work. Tris Imboden and Chicago guitarist Ken Howland also have a side project together called the Howland/Imboden Project, which has released studio and live recordings.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1973 Honk Honk
1974 You Don't Know What You're in For Harriet Schock
1975 Santa Barbara Honeymoon Bert Jansch
1975 Go For Broke Ian Matthews
1976 Facade John Reid
1976 Like a River La Seine
1978 Nightwatch Kenny Loggins
1979 Keep the Fire Kenny Loggins
1980 Thunder Thunder
1980 Kenny Loggins Alive Kenny Loggins
1981 Best of Firefall Firefall
1981 Right Place Gary Wright
1981 Clouds Across the Sun Firefall
1981 Headphones for Cows Thunder
1982 Break of Dawn Firefall
1982 Hungry Nights Tom Snow
1982 White Noise Jay Ferguson
1982 High Adventures Kenny Loggins
1983 Airborne Don Felder
1984 Read My Lips Fee Waybill
1984 Footloose Movie Soundtrack
1985 Vox Humana Kenny Loggins
1986 Hideway Stanley Clarke
1986 Headed for the Future Neil Diamond
1986 I Commit to Love Howard Hewett
1986 David Foster David Foster
1987 Richard Marx Richard Marx
1987 Can't Wait to See the Movie Roger Daltrey
1987 St. Elmo's Fire Movie Soundtrack
1988 Non Stop Julio Iglesias
1988 Best Years of Our Lives Neil Diamond
1988 Brian Wilson Brian Wilson
1988 That's What Dreams Are For Girls
1988 One More Story Peter Cetera
1989 One Passion Michael Paulo
1989 Lembrancas Clare Fischer
1989 Greatest Hits 1982-1989 Chicago
1990 Passion and Warfare Steve Vai
1990 Secret of My Success Movie Soundtrack
1991 Five Summer Stories Honk
1991 Chicago Twenty 1 Chicago
1991 The Usual Suspects The Usual Suspects
1991 Coach House Live Honk
1991 Leap of Faith Kenny Loggins
1992 Burn Down the Night Bill Champlin
1992 Greatest Hits Firefall
1993 Heat, Dust and Dreams Johnny Clegg
1994 Save the Children Michael Paulo
1994 After the Storm Crosby, Stills and Nash
1994 Aqui Estoy Rosco Martinez
1994 Voices of the Homeless, Vol. 1 Various Artists
1995 Sol to Soul Freddie Ravel
1995 Goodtimes Together Cecilio & Kapono
1995 Back in Your Heart Again Kalapana
1995 Night and Day: †Big-Band Chicago
1995 Storyteller Ricardo Silveira
1996 My Heart and Soul Michael Paulo
1996 You Won't Get to Heaven Alive Tamara Champlin
1996 Sheffield Pop Experience Various Artists
1996 In My Lifetime Neil Diamond
1997 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: †The Greatest Hits Kenny Loggins
1997 Heart of Chicago 1967-1997 Chicago
1997 Unimaginable Life Kenny Loggins
1997 Tribute to Jeff Porcaro David Garfield
1998 Chicago 25: †The Christmas Album Chicago
1998 Heart of Chicago 1967-1998, Vol. 2 Chicago
1998 Crossroads Jeff Berlin
1998 Latin Side Clare Fischer
1998 Pump It! Jeff Berlin
1998 Best of the Dream Weaver Gary Wright
1998 Chicago's First Christmas Chicago
1998 Footloose (Expanded Edition) Movie Soundtrack
1999 Midnight Passion Michael Paulo
1999 Chicago XXVI: †The Live Album Chicago
2000 7th Song: †Enchanting Guitar Melodies-Archives Vol. 1 Steve Vai
2001 The Howland/Imboden Project Howland/Imboden Project
2001 Freddie Ravel Freddie Ravel
2002 Very Best of Chicago-Only the Beginning Chicago
2002 Crushed! †The Love Song Collection Holly Near
2002 And Still We Sing: †The Outspoken Collection Holly Near
2002 Black Hat Saloon/Stacked Deck Rusty Wier
2002 Blue Album Kalapana
2003 Chicago Story: †The Complete Greatest Hits 1967-2002 Chicago
2003 Best of Me: †A Collection of David Foster's Greatest Works Various Artists
2003 Chicago: †The Box Chicago
2003 Subtlety & Passion Robert Lamm
2003 Christmas: †What's It Gonna Be, Santa? Chicago
2003 Infinite Steve Vai: †An Anthology Steve Vai
2004 Hawaiian Tangos, Hulas & Blues Ken Emerson
2004 Live at the Baked Potato Howland/Imboden Project
2004 Undertow/Clouds Across the Sun Firefall
2004 Break of Dawn/Mirror of the World Firefall
2005 Tribute to Jeff Revisited David Garfield
2006 Chicago XXX Chicago
2006 Generation Hawai'i Amy Hanaiali'i
2006 Go for Broke/Hit and Run Ian Matthews
2006 Greatest Hits Steve Perry
2006 Thunder Thunder
2007 Making Up for Lost Time Allan Thomas
2007 Celebrate Me Home/Nightwatch Kenny Loggins
2007 Best of Chicago: †40th Anniversary Edition Chicago
2007 Latin Rock for Gringos Tris Imboden
2008 Stone of Sisyphus: XXXII Chicago
2008 Original Album Classics Steve Vai
2008 Liv the Dig Mike Hamilton
2008 L.A. Project Vol.2 Peter Friestedt
2008 Earth Patriot Kumanu
2010 The Ultimate Chicago: Australian Tour Edition Chicago
2010 Time Exposure/Find Out!/Hideaway Stanley Clarke
2011 The Essential Steve Vai Steve Vai
2011 O Christmas Tree Chicago
2011 1 Julio Iglesias
2012 Ultimate Christmas Collection Chicago
2013 Carry On Stephen Stills


  • Honk did the soundtrack to the 1972 film Five Summer Stories.

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Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Paiste
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Percussion: Toca
Sticks: Vic Firth



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