Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: Ten Foot Pole, Hot Potty, Papa Roach, Pulley, Unwritten Law
Genres: Rock, Punk,
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician


Drummer Tony Palermo's career in punk rock has spanned several groups. Tony Palermo has played with Pulley, Unwritten Law, Ten Foot Pole, Hot Potty, and Papa Roach.

Tony Palermo joined Unwritten Law in the studio to record 2005's 'Here's to the Mourning.' Tony Palermo worked so well with the band that he joined them as a permanent member on the supporting tour that followed.

Tony Palermo sat out the next Unwritten Law tour and spent time with his family. Then, during a 2007 tour, Papa Roach invited Tony to fill in for their drummer.

Tony Palermo formally joined Papa Roach in 2008, and it is unclear how he will continue to simultaneously drum for Unwritten Law and Papa Roach.


Album Year Album Name Artist or Band
1997 Unleashed Ten Foot Pole
2001 Down to This Christian Lane
2003 Kill Them With Kindness The Jealous Sound
2005 Matters Pulley
2005 Here's to the Mourning Unwritten Law
2006 Look at All the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime Various Artists
2007 The Ultimate Bundle Sublime
2009 Metamorphosis Papa Roach
2010 Time for Annihilation: On the Record & On the Road Papa Roach


  • The band Hot Potty is Brooks Wackerman on guitar and vocals, Tyler Rebbe on bass, and Tony on drums.
  • Tony continued to occasionally play with Pulley throughout his work with other bands.

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Pearl
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Sticks: Pro-Mark

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