Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Band: The Glenn Miller Band, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Art Garfunkel, New York Voices, Friday Night Big Band
Genres: Rock, Big Band, Folk, Jazz Rock, R&B
Instruments: Drums, Piano
Occupation: Musician, Composer, Author, Educator


Tommy Igoe has been a highly praised studio and touring drummer for the last twenty years. Based out of New York, Tommy Igoe has worked with such acts as Stanely Jordan, Art Garfunkel, Dave Grusin, New York Voices, Patti Austin, Mark Mancina, Blood, Sweat & Tears, David Wilcox, and Lauryn Hill.

Of his drumming beginnings, Tommy Igoe said, "I've been playing since before I could walk.  I started with knitting needles on pots and joke. That's when it helps to have a father who's a drummer. You always have gear around..." Of course, Tommy’s father is not just any drummer. Tommy is the son of the legendary Sonny Igoe. Tommy admitted, "I had the bug from day one." Under the tutelage of his father, Tommy was privy to drumming fundamentals and a strong work ethic from a very young age.

Tommy Igoe’s first paying gig was a wedding. After just one year of college under his belt, Tommy dropped out and hit the road with the Glenn Miller Band. Though learning to cope with the rigors of touring life at such a young age was not the easiest experience, Tommy Igoe’s career had officially taken off in a major way. Additionally, Tommy bgan working as a substitute musician on Broadway shows.

The buzz quickly spread about Tommy Igoe’s abilities. Starting in 1983, he toured for at least three to six months out of every year. After returning from a tour of the U.S., Asia, and Europe with Art Garfunkel in 2004, Tommy Igoe decided that it was time for a change. Tommy Igoe said, "I’m done with touring, unless it’s something really, really amazing…my career is on a different path. I designed my career to NOT be touring past a certain point. I don’t want to live on the road…it’s not for me."

With the connections he made working as a substitute musician on Broadway, Tommy Igoe landed a gig drumming and composing music for Disney’s Grammy Award winning show, "The Lion King." While combining a modern drum set with traditional African percussion instruments for his contribution, Tommy Igoe also served as assistant conductor for the entire show.  

Tommy Igoe is now primarily a television and film score session artist and private music teacher in New York (though in the past he served as an adjunct professor at Rutgers University). Additionally, Tommy Igoe is making quite a name for himself as the author of music materials for teachers and students. Tommy Igoe distinguishes himself from other clinicians by providing his tracks to students and fans. "At my clinics, the first and last questions are, ‘Can I get those tracks?’ The answer used to be ‘no,’ but now you can get the same tracks I play with."

Though Tommy Igoe doesn’t hit the road anymore, his Friday Night Big Band performs once a week at New York City’s legendary Birdland jazz club.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1989 New York Voices New York Voices
1991 Hearts of Fire New York Voices
1992 Stranger in Brooklyn Michael Zilber
1992 Repertoire Patti Dunham
1992 Fired Up Lew Anderson Big Band
1993 What's Inside New York Voices
1994 Voices in Standards New Four Freshman
1994 Collection New York Voices
1995 Long Black Veil The Chieftans
1996 New Ground Tommy Igoe
1997 The Lion King (Original Broadway Cast) The Lion King
1997 Across America Art Garfunkel
1998 Live at the Blazer! Lew Anderson
1999 A Rosie Christmas Rosie O'Donnell
2001 Contact (Original Cast Recording Contact
2004 Moder Vibe Arthur Lipner
2006 The Essential Chieftans The Chieftans
2007 Lew Anderson Tribute Concert The Birdland Big Band
2009 Groove Essentials Tommy Igoe
2009 Groove Essentials Vol. 2 Tommy Igoe
2009 Buddy Rich Memorial Concert Various Artists
2012 Pacific Mambo Orchestra Pacific Mambo Orchestra
2012 Discover Carlos Nunez Carlos Nunez


  • "Words can’t describe the experience of hearing this band live at the club.  Tommy, you defy the laws of physics with your drumming.” -FW, New York
  • "Licks are the enemy of true improvisation." -Tommy Ignoe
  • His first endorser was Zildjian.
  • Tommy is also really into the piano, cooking, and boxing.
  • Tommy Ignoe on dropping out of college: "You should know that I studied privately for years after I left school--composition, piano, arranging, all that stuff."
  • "When you feel like you stink, just remember, you don't. You only stink today. Tomorrow, not so much." -Tommy Ignoe

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Zildjian
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Evans
Electronics: RhythmTech
Percussion: Latin Percussion
Sticks: Vic Firth

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