Basic Background Info

Birth: Unknown
Location: San Diego, California
Band: Fattburger, Luis Miguel
Genres: Latin, Jazz
Instruments: Drums, Percussion
Occupation: Musician


Tommy Aros is a founding member of the San Diego based smooth jazz group, Fattburger. The group plays over 120 dates out of the year and has performed in many different countries, including Mexico and Puerto Rico. Fattburger has released seven albums and charted on Billboard's top 10 with the Good News album reaching #2. Fattburger has also been very successful on the other charts and reached #1 on both the NAC and MAC charts.

Since 1995, Tommy Aros has been touring throughout Mexico, the United States, South America, and Europe with Latin singer superstar Luis Miguel. Tommy has provided the drum tracks on Luis Miguelís last two albums.


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1985 One Of A Kind Fattburger
1985 The Best Of Fattburger Fattburber
1991 Shadows David Benoit
1991 Standing On Fishes Phil Sheeran
1992 Simple Life Kevyn Lattau
1992 Positively! Dan Papaila
1992 On A Roll Fattburger
1992 Checkfield Through The Lens
1994 Livin' Large Fattburger
1995 Long Way Home Evan Marks
1996 Cruisin' David Paul
1996 Nada Es Igual Luis Miguel
1998 For Art's Sake Art Porter
1998 It's A New Life Tom Barabas
1998 Three Day Weekend Evan Marks
1999 Amarte Es Un Placer Luis Miguel
1999 Heartbeat: Rhythm of Infinite Heartbeat
1999 Voices of Change Allan Phillips
2000 Vivo Luis Miguel
2000 Fattburger
2001 Mis Romances Luis Miguel
2001 T.G.I.F. Fattburger
2002 Echoes of Spain Benedetti & Svoboda
2003 A Dance Called Life Ryan Montana
2003 J-Walkin' Jennifer Lee
2003 Sizzlin' Fattburger
2004 Sensuous Smooth Jazz Guitar Various Artists
2004 Work To Do Fattburger
2006 Sax Me Various Artists
2006 Navidades Luis Migue Luis Miguel
2007 Greatest Hits Fattburger
2008 Soul Comfort Nhojj


  • Tommy's gear for Luis Miguel's tours include two congas, bongos, timbales, a toys table, and five cymbals.

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Hardware: Drum Workshop

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