Basic Background Info

Birth: August 5, 1967
Location: Baldwin, New York
Band: Wild Strawberries, Thomas Lang, Heart on Fire
Genres: Jazz, Pop, Rock, Fusion
Instruments: Drums
Occupation: Musician, Instructor, Producer


Born in Vienna, Austria, Thomas began playing drums when he was just five years old. Watching a heavy metal band on television, Thomas decided he wanted to be a drummer because, "the drummer looked like he was the boss—AND he got to sit down!" As a child, Thomas took formal lessons before he enrolled at the Vienna Conservatory of Music as its youngest student ever. At the Conservatory, Thomas studied jazz, classical, fusion, and big band.

After leaving the Conservatory, Thomas immediately became a hard-working professional musician, playing European pop, rock, and jazz. During this time, Thomas worked with Falco, John Wetton, and Bonnie Tyler, among many others.

Although Thomas is primarily a hired hand, his 1995 solo album Mediator, a jazz/dance/progressive-rock hybrid, topped Europe’s musical charts.

Thomas used his extensive experience and dedication to practicing fundamentals to create a two-part instructional video series, Ultimatives Schlagzeug I & II, in 1995. Overwhelmingly lauded, Thomas released the series again in 2004. To years later Thomas released a follow-up instructional DVD, Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique.

Thomas worked closely with Meinl to develop his signature series of cymbals, "a pitch-matched range of contemporary crash cymbals that provide acoustic and electronic drummers with modern sounds that resemble artificially engineered cymbal samples." After releasing the cymbals—Tom’s Becken—Thomas worked with Meinl and Remo to create a silent portable practice kit. "When I travel, it’s hard for me to keep up with my practice because I worry about disturbing people in hotel rooms, or backstage."


Album Year Album Name Album Band
1966 Skin Thomas Lang
1987 Fingers & Thumbs Thomas Lang
1987 Scallywag Jaz Thomas Lang
1990 The Longest Song Thomas Lang
1990 Love Song Collection: British Favorites Me & Mrs. Jones
1991 The Lost Letter Z Thomas Lang
1992 Feels So Right Thomas Lang
1992 Happy Man Thomas Lang
1994 Nie Wieder Kunst (Wie Immer...) Thomas Lang
1994 Still Life Wild Strawberries
1995 Mediator Thomas Lang
1996 Versions Thomas Lang
1996 Werner - Das Muss Kesseln!!! Thomas Lang
1998 Keilerkopf Keilerkopf
1999 Verdammt Wir Leben Noch Thomas Lang
2006 Being In A Boygroup Heart On Fire
2007 Hoch Wie Nie Thomas Lang
2011 StOrk                                                                  StOrk
2012 Vibrato Paul Gilbert
2013 Yumaflex Thomas Lang & Conrad Schrenk
2013 Broken Pieces StOrk


  • "I religiously follow a constantly-evolving practice routine. It’s not glamorous, but for me, daily practice is a principle source of growth and inspiration in my playing."
  • "Technique has nothing to do with music. It’s like a tool, like a hammer. You can build a shed--or you can build the Sistine Chapel. Some days I want a shed--some days I want the Sistine Chapel--or a villa or maybe a bowling alley!"

Instruments of Choice



Drums: Drum Workshop
Cymbals: Meinl
Hardware: Drum Workshop
Heads: Remo
Electronics: Roland 
Sticks: Vic Firth

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